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  • luckily, i dont have sexuality issues, and i dont have a self esteem problem (though Kida says its a problem because its too high, but meh, i tend to ignore her when she goes on one of her humility rants). but if i did, you would probably have made me feel horrible. since, i dont, you just pissed me off. dont just say things like that lightely, it serves no good purpose for anyone.
    yehh, vogue canada the magazine/modelling agency. the canadian branch of Vogue.
    i posted on a club a year ago to announce that i had got a modelling contract with them

    if someone has sexuality issues, i take that to mean that they cant accept their sexuality or are confused about their sexuality, and when you point out that kind of major dilemma publically, it embarrasses people and alienates them. that is pretty basic logic.

    unfortunately, you dont know me well, or at all really. i am sorry that your friends behave like i do because they have deep seated issues with either sexuality or with whatever else that is troubling them. I am blessed enough to have a pretty charmed life, so i act the way i do because i act the way i do.

    Perhaps publicly was wrong but I had no idea you would take it THIS seriously.
    so you honestly though that :
    Its just like...every time I hear you talk, I just get more convinced you're struggling with either your self esteem or (more likely) your sexuality.
    is something someone can brush off lightly?
    tell that to any other member of the club. see how they react.
    there are somethings that you cannot say and not expect a reaction - especially publically, and especially since you are the head of the club.

    I think the most disappointing thing to me out of all this is even if you had these thoughts, rather than hitting me up on MSN or whatever just casually to try and get to know me better to see if you were right, it would have turned out one of two ways:
    a) you were right, and we discuss my deep troubling issues
    b) you were wrong. ah well, no harm done

    who would it have helped for you to publically announce that a member is having sexuality issues? what would that have achieved?
    o_O i cant tell if you are joking or not.
    but #1: not homosexual. me = bisexual. i am not sure what you mean by sexuality issues, but i am pretty comfortable being bi. a lot more variety :D
    #2: i really dont have any self esteem issues... if you dont believe me, just ask Kida, i keep her updated on my real life.
    #3: if you are being serious... i am actually disapjokespointed in you. i was one of the first members of the bleach club when you started it, and as far as i know, my personality really hasnt changed. unless you have, for some reason, believed i was a struggling homosexual for how many years now? one of the reasons i liked you was that you never seemed to be phased by me, and you never seemed to react. you cannot throw around such accusations lightly. imagine that they were true... then what? you think i would ever post at the club again? that kind of thing throws people off. maybe unfairly so, but i kind of expected less judgement from you.
    #4: if you were joking... that isnt a funny joke. i know a lot of people that have struggled with their self esteem and/or sexuality, esp working for vogue canada i have met waaay too many people with eating disorders. i dont find those kind of things funny in any capacity. you shouldnt toss around such words lightly.
    Its just like...every time I hear you talk, I just get more convinced you're struggling with either your self esteem or (more likely) your sexuality.
    really...... i mean.... REALLY????
    Its just like...every time I hear you talk, I just get more convinced you're struggling with either your self esteem or (more likely) your sexuality.
    I can tell you, he has no problems with either of these ... unfortunatly =.=
    Uhh...You need to change my zanpakutou back to my old zanpakutou page. I already edited by Arr and shini Profiles there, as well as my new Zan,
    lol, i will be active till september :) get ready for me to take over serebii (MWAHAHAHHAA) cough cough :D

    how have you been :)
    Hey Golde, VisardBlue has just petitioned to join my squad via PM. I'm going to put him as 4th seat for now and see how things go from there with him being active as such.

    Just giving you a headsup.
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