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  • Sorry about the delay, but I havem't had much of a chance to use the computer. Tomorrow I'll (hopefully) finally get around to betaing your prologue.
    ... I'll try. I'll have a look at your first chapter, but be warned that I have an obsession with correcting every tiny misuse of grammar or misspelling. I can sit for hours correcting a two-page chapter. And I change sentences to add more description and everything. When I was correcting Normalize's work I made so many changes that it wasn't even entirely her work any more. If I make too many changes in the first chapter, I'll make myself stop so you can reclaim your story.

    BTW, I'm sorry about making you think the next chapter of my fic was up. When it is, you'll be one of the first people to know.
    Sorry, I have a bad history of being a beta reader. I either upset people and then they don't hear from me for three days, and when they do I souind extremely ticked off (ask Normalize if you don't believe me) or end up in endless loops of talk about Eruri until I tick someone off so badly they call him a name I can't bring myself to repeat. I'm sure you can find someone better to help you. There's a thread in the Author's Cafe where you can apply for a beta reader.
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