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  • Hey-lo! Likewise here! It's been a while since I've talked to you xD;;

    I'm doing great~! It's almost summer here, so things are letting up a little bit :D How 'bout you?
    Hm, I see. Well, good luck with school!

    To tell the truth, I'm iffy about posting with just two judges, but I guess it can't be help then. I'm going to ask the contestants about this and see if they'll be fine with just two judges.
    So Golden, I guess it's fine if I post the results? Also, sorry to hear that you're taking a hiatus from the forums. Again, you don't need to finish the entries on the 12th as that's a tentative date. However, if you're that busy with real life, I understand.
    Hey, Golden! How you're doing so far with the entries? As for me, I got two more reviews to go and then the editing. Might be able to turn in the results to you by the weekend or so.
    I'm sorry Dx I read your post in the contest forum, and I'm sorry you're going through so much stress. I imagine you must be awfully tired. I'm very sorry, and I hope you feel better. Don't overexert what you're capable of, and go at the pace you desire. I really hope things go well, and I hope you feel better.
    DD: I'm sorry to hear that. I wish there was something I could do to help, but I'm not a judge x3;; *Shot for useless comment* Yeah. Erm, anyway, don't stress yourself too much, Golden... take a little time to relax between each story and all.
    Eh nothing wrong with the avatar imo, RBY were my first gameboy games and one of my fave gens. Was gonna change my title to Olde Skool for laffs but went meh and logged off before I did.
    Oh, it's actually all right :D Yeah, I'm just a regular Asian kid living in CA xD; I'm used to it and all. It's not that bad, I still get to hang out and all.
    Ah sorry. I'm acting weird o_O I think I may be hallucinating because I'm not feeling well, haven't been sleeping much, etc. Oh and this morning I mistook my dog for an Espeon. Talk about mixing up reality o_O
    And I went to a sleepover the other day, and I attacked my friends in my sleep. I didn't even realize it. I was sleeping while yelling at them, and I even attacked them! I need to see a therapist o_O o_O
    Ahem. Anyway. Putting my craziness aside, how are you? How are the reviews coming along?
    Yeah, had changed it to the kanto starters- then when it was even confusing me about who was this person with my name, I knew I had to change it.

    Yami Ryu is to epic a name to be placed by cute things evidently.
    Hm I think I heard of the title Seven Deadly Wonders- but not sure. Lol.

    I never really liked reading for school , mean I read so well on my own tho granted this was when I was younger, and then the school or rather our teacher decided oh lets have a chart to see how many books you can read during the month!

    I just wasn't interested lol, I read cause I liked to read- not cause of star stickers :c
    eh nothing atm, basically read everything that's not a murder mystery in the house. Still have two of the final three sword of truth novels to read but not managed to find the FIRST of the trilogy and well that's a wall in itself.
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