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  • Happy 27th birthday, Golden_Latias! I just got caught up on the newest episode reveals, and we're both in for a treat! The way the title of SM71 is phrased, it's likely that Lana will catch Dewpider. Very happy if Lana truly catches Dewpider. She's in desperate need of more Pokémon on her team. I still have yet to watch the new dubbed episodes that aired this week, and will do so later today. In for 8 episodes.
    Hello there how are you. I haven't talked to you in a while. This is NintendoFan82 (I got a username change a few months ago) lol. I have to let some people know because they get confused. :p
    Pikachu: Too obvious. Mascot of the entire Pokemon franchise and part of the original 8/12. All games.
    Jigglypuff: Attempted to be cut, but stayed anyway. Also part of the original 12. All games.
    Charizard: Popular starter from Gen I. Since Brawl.
    Mewtwo: Popular legendary. All games since Melee, except Brawl. It could be cut, but I think there might be a bit of backlash if it was.
    Lucario: Popular Gen IV Pokemon. Since Brawl. Can't see it being cut, really.
    Greninja: It probably ran its course. Might not appear again. Generation VI is not relevant as much as it was when Smash 3DS and Wii U were released.

    So yeah. Since GF hasn't revealed Gen VIII yet, and we're almost already through the first quarter of 2018, it's likely GF is having 2018 as one of the break years between generations. But could still happen.

    I thought Bayonetta 3 was slated for a late 2018 release? If so, and if Pokemon for Switch is not this year, then it's just Metroid Prime 4. Can't see MP4 hitting 2018, but likely 2019. Pokemon Switch will be more popular than Metroid Prime 4. Pokemon is bigger and sells far more than Metroid Prime. But yeah, it's been more than a decade since Metroid Prime 3...

    If I were to hope for a fighter to come to Switch, it would probably be Miles "Tails" Prower, the orange fox sidekick to Sonic. But I can't see that happening since that would give Sega, a third party company, two representatives, which wouldn't be fair to other third parties. Sure we got Tails as a costume for Miis in 3DS/Wii U, but eh. Another character I'd like to see is Banjo-Kazooie, but I don't see it happening, even though Phil Spencer (head of Xbox) is open to the idea. And Ice Climbers should return. I'm sure the Switch hardware can handle Ice Climbers.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day! Doesn't look like the Ilima episodes are well-liked. Oh well, he was fine for an appearance. With the dub starting Season 21 next Saturday, I guess I can resume sharing thoughts with you by then.

    I also noticed you've been involved in the Smash discussion, glad to read some posts you made there. I don't mind whoever gets in. Whoever is in, is in. It's up to Sakurai, after all. Are there still anyone you hope to see? Which character(s) not from Pokémon you hope to see, and which Pokémon do you think might come for this year? And since Sakurai has worked on the game in complete silence and the game being out later this year, I am sure that the character roster has already been finalized, much like Smash for 3DS and Wii U back then: finalized in 2012, out in 2014. The Smash Bros. Switch roster might have already been finalized back in 2016 and/or 2017. Unsure if there will be a Gen VIII rep, but it sounds a bit early for that. Maybe as DLC, who knows? Like you, can't see Pokémon for Switch being released this year, although not ruling out that it can still happen to be released this year.

    I mean, sure, the investors hope for Pokemon to be released in 2018, but does Nintendo want Pokemon and Smash to be released close to each other? Probably not, that might cannibalize sales for one franchise. They'll probably handle the way Zelda and Mario Odyssey were released in 2017. 2018 sounds early for Pokemon, but 2019 is likely the sweet spot. In any case, looking forward to both games, regardless. In fact, when I picked up Kirby Star Allies from GameStop, an associate who knows me very well offered me to pre-order Smash for Switch, and I got it down already for $5.
    Yeah. Greninja is my favorite, so I don't mind Greninja getting cut.
    If Greninja comes back, it might transform into Ash-Greninja with a new Final Smash.
    Rex being playable would be nice. :) Yeah, FE Switch character might be in. If this game comes out before FE Switch, we might not get one.
    Yep. I think we will get Spring Man in this game and Ribbon Girl will be his alt (just like Villager, Robin, and Wii Fit Trainer).
    Yeah, I can see one of Gen VII Pokemon reps joining in this game:
    Decidueye - Most Popular Fully-Evolved Alola Starter in world wide and completing the trinity with Charizard and Greninja.
    Incineroar - Because it is a wrestler
    Primarina - Most Popular Fully-Evolved Alola Starter in Japan
    Lycanroc - One of Popular Gen VII Pokemon
    Mimikyu - Second Most Popular Gen VII Pokemon in Japan and Pikachu's rival
    Zeraora - Final Gen VII Pokemon and Cat version of Lucario
    I went to AZ during my application cycle, but ultimately chose in-state. But yeah lot of good reasons to go there after school. Meh well it's been an up and down road, lot of stress in and out of school, but I am happier where I am now than the last several years before.
    Nice! What made you choose Arizona, and how is it? AZ is on the short list for places where I'd want to do my residency (though most likely I'll still be here in the mitten). Med school is zooming by, lots of long days and stress, but still time to live a life; happier where I am now than a couple of years ago that's for sure.
    Yeah, they do have a rivalry; most Pokémon from the same evolution family have that. If so, then the Mask Royal/Kukui and Incineroar could potentially return for more down the line, it's only a matter of when. Likely sometime after Acerola and Nanu have made their debuts, I would think.

    Right, it's pointless just to have them appear once and only for like 10 seconds total. Oh yes, I saw the poll results too. The results are fine to me. Rowlet being number one...I guess writers are debating whether or not to evolve Rowlet. Primarina also ranked very high (coming at bronze); so maybe it seems very likely they'll do more with Primarina, but then again, like you said, it needs better showing than doing one move and then fainting. Not to mention that Lana also ranked very highly on the characters poll. Females in Japan love both Lana and Primarina there. Lillie claiming top spot was expected. And hey, her brother gets silver! Outside of these, the others aren't liked as much, clearly. With Lana and Primarina being ranked very high, it could be a precedent that the writers may show a lot more than they originally desired to, but who knows? There's still some time before Gen VIII and Zeroara comes. There's still so much we still don't know, and the anniversary of Pokémon is coming up in just four days!
    So we're here that SM63 aired in Japan, and it had a few new debuts. Litten finally evolved into Torracat, but it has yet to evolve again into Incineroar, according to your thought from January 11, 2018, but I don't know if your thoughts have either stuck with it or changed...especially since Kukui/Masked Royal showed off Incineroar plus its signature Z-Move (Kukui having a Z-Ring was surprising). But Kukui's Incineroar isn't going to stop Ash's Torracat to evolve into Incineroar, right? SM63 was a good episode for development on Ash and Litten/Torracat, now they're getting somewhere. Plus, Dusk Lycanroc can spar with Torracat with even powers with each other. The episode also showed Decidueye and Primarina and their signature Z-moves, but that shouldn't stop Rowlet and Lana's Popplio from a chance to evolve...well, except Rowlet probably won't. Might stay in its base form. Popplio, on the other hand, still shows interest and heck, there's still the blatant foreshadowing from earlier. Whoo knows? At least they appeared and done their signature moves, but it was done prematurely, mainly to show how much of a powerhouse Kukui's Incineroar actually is. Decidueye and Primarina need decent screen time further down the series. And this just leaves Dartrix as the only Pokémon out of the nine Alola starters that have yet to debut. Did the episode make you change thoughts on what might happen instead?
    Well that's just weird. o_O First people complain about how ugly some Pokémon look back in BW and now it's about size. I swear, people complain and want nitpick just for the sake of finding something to get offended about. There's never satisfying some people.
    No kidding. I just stumbled upon a thread talking about how SM anime isn't canon. I also don't get why Zoruagible hates Lana so much. Just because she gets some screentime and she's, and I quote, ugly as sin, isn't hurting anyone else's chances of getting the spotlight.
    Don't waste your time with ArtFenix. He doesn't know what he's talking about. I also don't know why he'll bring up his hatred for the SM anime when this should be about the movie. :/
    [I think the next saga of the Pokemon anime should be more dramatic than the series has ever been before, and expand to hour-long episodes, what do you think?]
    Just a reminder about the Shiny Silvally codes I sent you early January: They're expiring next week, on Tuesday, February 13, 2018. If you haven't used them, I suggest you do so now. Otherwise, enjoy your Shiny Silvally in the games! And don't forget about the Legendary Pokémon running this year. Dialga and Palkia for February 2018. I already got them into my games.
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