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  • Okay, SM59 was just too adorable. Lana and Mallow as kids are just too darn cute and adorable. Seriously, who can not like them as kids? Granted, it's a shame they didn't get anything going forward (nor their Pokémon), but at least they did backwards, for how they first became friends. Lana seemed to be shy and timid, unlike her present self. Mallow was just as energetic, although in the scene where they first set their eyes on each other for the first time, Mallow was kinda being pushy. Drampa is a cool Pokémon, looking after the kids. Team Rocket plus Giovanni was just unnecessary (but I agree with Drampa's reaction to their motto). Oh, and that scene where Ash is carrying Steenee and Popplio on his cap. Can hardly wait to see this episode again in English.

    Looks like the upcoming SM60 episode, according to previews, already confirms that it is not a filler episode, thanks to Snowy learning a new move. Lillie got something after all, even if she doesn't win the tournament. But still curious to see a bit more of Alolan Ninetales and Sara and Hala competing. I don't think the main characters seem to be participating; only Lillie is. Doesn't look like Ash is either, even though he's the main character. Unless he got out early on thanks to Pikachu shocking him. I still wonder what the prize will be, even if it's not something that helps anyone in the future in terms of development (like the pancakes and Charjabug merchandise).
    I'm unsure about Hau, but it does feel odd that he hasn't appeared at all yet. Maybe Hau will be exclusive to games and the writers have no reason to show Hau even though he is Hala's grandson. He may also have Alolan Raichu to deal with (and its Z-Move still has yet to be shown off), but we have Nina for that instead, even though Nina does not have a Z-Ring. Nina is already a recurring character, too.

    Definitely true. For Lana to know Brionne already, maybe she knows more about the Popplio family. She might have researched about the Popplio family off-screen after she rescued Popplio from Team Skull. She did have Popplio prior to Ash arriving in Alola, after all. And yeah, I do, too, wonder if Lana wants Popplio to evolve, even if Popplio is already interested in becoming one. It's her choice, and it's possible. And true, Brionne and Primarina are far more experienced in controlling their own bubbles (even in color!) and expert singers than Popplio. Even if it doesn't change much in translation or whatever of Lana's question to Popplio about singing, we still have to wait for the dubbed episode of that, and who knows when the next season will start airing in the United States. If it's just about the same thing in English, then yes, it may feel random there.

    Yeah, that last statement is true.They're constantly back-and-forth together all the time, mostly with repeated statements they made in previous pages. Some of them are restating some things over and over. Nothing new is coming out of them, only Dephender (and playerking) have new content to share.
    That's a very good thought on Litten into Torracat, then into Incineroar. Even though it's the least liked of the final starter forms of Alola, there's the matter of Incinium Z that writers want to show off. That goes double for Rowlet for the case of Decidium Z, so it's not out of the realm that Dartrix evolves into Decidueye quickly after becoming Dartrix from Rowlet. Make that triple for Popplio to Brionne to Primarina for Primarium Z to show off Oceanic Operetta. Confident as well that Popplio will evolve at least once, even better if it goes to Primarina. But as you say about Lana asking Popplio if it wants to become Brionne/Primarina and singing from SM56, that's enough to foreshadow more development on Lana and Popplio in the future episodes, definitely throughout 2018. Clearly the writers have something big planned for Lana and Popplio, and it'll come, whether or not the PAD community wants it. See, Lana has the Z-Ring for her own, so there has to be more to it. I don't believe that those Lana focused episodes would have happened if Lana wasn't going to get a Z-Ring. I think we're in good hands at this point for Lana and Popplio. Well, take your time on your "working theory" regarding Popplio, because I definitely would like to hear the theory of yours.

    And as I said in the Speculation topic about the remaining starter Pokémon forms left to show, there's still Dartix, Decidueye, Torracat (very soon, likely SM61 at the latest), Incineroar, and Primarina, PLUS all three final forms of Alola starters' unique Z-Moves.

    Just be glad that the PAD community aren't the ones writing the SM anime, plus they have no control of what they really want.
    So we finally see Litten evolving into Torracat and Popplio's gender(?). It's great to see Litten evolving into Torracat, but who knows if it will evolve into Incineroar, but that's unlikely given its low popularity in Japan? I do wonder which of the next two starters will evolve next, Rowlet into Dartrix and/or Popplio into Brionne. And speaking of the latter, seems that it is female, if we're to assume of how the signature Pokémon are wearing some special amulets. I expected Popplio to be male for the gender equality ratio of the characters and signature Pokémon, but I'm completely fine with Popplio being female. But can such a wearable object straight-out confirm gender of a Pokémon?

    And since Torracat will be here soon, maybe it won't get completely curb-stomped by the Ultra Beasts, but still struggle a bit. As for others, most likely, especially Snowy. How do you feel about all this?

    For the Japanese SM57, it was an okay filler. Some funny moments, especially at the end. Pokémon Center Rotom?

    The preview for SM58? Eh, not really feeling much out of it. I'm good at whatever the episode shows us. But I'm looking forward to all the episodes revealed so far after SM58, that is, SM59-61.
    Oh THAT SUCKS!! :( Hope U Feel Better.

    Have U Been Able to Catch Up with SM as of late, or has U NOT Feeling Well and/or Internet Problems not allowed U to Catch Up?
    Regarding the Switch hype/success, Mario and Zelda, and Pokémon... (this entire thing exceeded character limit for VMs; I always end up having more to say than I think I should. Maybe that's a good way of keeping the conversation going, for I am to be honest.)

    That's the thing. With the Switch being a hybrid console (play it on your big HD television or take it with you on the go - I prefer playing on the HD television, by the way), and with those two games that's gotten many high scores and praise (even Breath of the Wild was the Game of the Year for 2017 from The Game Awards), it's no wonder how most people believe Pokémon could get the same picture that Zelda and Mario did. Along with those two franchises, combined with Pokémon as a franchise, it's undoubtedly the top three franchises for Nintendo. And yeah, 3DS is pretty much finished (or so we all think now that Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon were finally released). Unfortunately, since Gen VII came at the 20th anniversary of Pokémon what you say about being the anniversary thing might be true and thus getting the short end of the stick for having the least amount of exposure. It doesn't help even further now that I found out just now that GF is looking to "hype up" Pokémon in 2018, so it's still possible (I won't rule out the possibility of Gen VIII being in late 2018, but I'd prefer to at least Spring 2019). The thing is, we do not know how in what way, shape or form, does GF want to hype up Pokémon in 2018. Pokémon on Switch will likely be just as good as Zelda and Mario were, and the Switch has been a major success for Nintendo. Huge turnaround from the Wii U. It's sad that Iwata couldn't see the success the Switch is having.
    That's the key to character development. Like what Ash had to go through after some gym battle losses in previous regions, like Brawly, Whitney, Wulfric, for example. I'm actually one of those to reflect on your idea, for one of each main character (plus side characters and perhaps Team Rocket) facing a separate Ultra Beast. Maybe you didn't catch my post reflecting on your idea?

    It's sad, really, but there isn't anything we can do about the toxicity or the closed-mindset they have. It's what each individual has chosen to have around here. Like you, I'm not sure what's the huge deal about Ash and the hair fan-art is about. I'm all for the minor changes or new art from the writers/artists of the anime production (or other companies like WIT Studio in M21's case), but for the many people "fanboying" all about Ash's new design for the movie plus the hair is just taking way too far. Plus them shipping Ash with the new girl for M21. Same stuff we've seen before, and it's not going to last long. Sad to see what the PAD community has become over the years.
    Oh yeah, I heard of that term when I was researching areas in the West Coast. The locals seem to hate them. :p And you're not kidding when you say moving ain't easy. Especially my situation. I have a bunch of money saved up and yeah the city will always have jobs but getting an apartment sure is hard. (and as someone with no rental history) I'm hoping for the best too that everything sort itself out and goes well. I'm afraid of that Minnesota winter lol. I don't plan on leaving until January and I do have a plan as far as getting a place temporarily but man, planning sure is tough. Also, Merry Christmas!

    Finally, sorry if the PAD isn't wanting you to be as active or be part of the Serebii.net community. I don't even know where you plan to go from there or whatever you plan to in 2018. Six months worth of conversation doesn't seem much, but alas, it wasn't until previews for SM32 that we became friends. It's really disheartening that the people here aren't respecting your opinions in a polite manner. I get that everyone has their own opinions, but they just don't appear to politely respect others. You are absolutely correct that you have no need to care how much others deny of some possibilities and/or outcomes. It's not of your concern (or mine, either).

    Rest assured that you still have some good friends here who enjoy having a friendly VM conversation.
    [1/2] Exceeded character limit.

    For the "Ultra Guardians" arc, yes, everyone on the main cast would have to be stronger, except maybe Kiawe. What the characters have at this time doesn't really seem like they are fit to be fighting the beasts. Like you said, the characters aside from Ash and Kiawe are inexperienced in battling (and really, only Lana has shown to get more experience over time). Unless the writers make them so from out of nowhere (which is honestly awful writing), it doesn't seem right on paper. Same for me on Lana and Brionne (Brionne needs some development time first before we consider Primarina). It's probably not your fault. It's pretty much their problem for hating the Popplio line. Don't let their problems on Lana/Popplio get to you.

    Sure. At best, all we can do is to wait to see what GF, Nintendo, and TPC want to do in 2018. The fans believe Gen VIII will come in 2018 just because they took Nintendo's "2018 or later" as 2018. Sure 2018 will be at its earliest, but there's still 2019 to consider. I don't believe any saga has gone for less than 3 years. If it did, then S/M saga wouldn't have the fairness of all the others. None of the previous regions didn't. Why should Alola (S/M) be 2 years when all others had at least 3 years? Sometimes the fans don't look at the full picture and jump to conclusions without even thinking.
    Ah. Like you, I didn't get much gifts this year as well (though wouldn't having that Nendoroid Lana pre-ordered be awesome?).

    Sounds like you finally got to around to watching them, though I was waiting to see if you got around to it, but I guess not. No big deal.

    Honestly, about the Aether Foundation arc, I feel the same way. That one episode about the Ditto episode felt unneeded, it felt like a real filler. A mediocre filler, much, much unlike the baseball filler. It was rushed because I guess they want to start bringing out episodes that has to do with Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, but who knows? All I'm looking forward to at this time are the various clips they will show for the upcoming 2018 episodes to see if there's any changes (though they might keep surprises) for the main cast members.

    I still think the Sun & Moon saga will go one for at least three years, into 2019, despite most members thinking Gen VIII coming in late 2018. I think they fail to realize that not even TPC or GameFreak say it'll come in 2018. They say information may come in 2018. It's really only Nintendo themselves that they say "2018 or later." So much for the members trying to misconstrue information clearly provided by the companies.
    Hi Golden_Latias! I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas to you, Phantom the cat, and your family! I had a nice day today, had church mass, then gifts, then had a nice dinner with family and friends. Did you have a good Christmas too?
    I see. I hope you will enjoy your another job. ^_^

    What do you think of Movie 21 teaser? What if this movie is just like Movie 2000: The Power of One? :)
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