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  • It's okay :) It's a big win. The NFC North is so down though lol. The Lions actually have a shot to win it, but we'll see. I heard something about more leaks. I'll have to check it out, but I'll stay away from plot leaks. I would rather not have the story spoiled. :p
    Meh. Wasn't expecting a win anyway and i don't expect a win next week either. Its not SOL, it's losing to a superior team on the road.
    That's good. :) I have to work tomorrow, but I don't have to be in until 1, so I get to sleep in a little myself lol.
    Thanks.. I think the only thing at this point that will make me truly happy is if Michigan beats Michigan State this week.
    Sorry for the late reply. I've just been extremely stressed out lately..I just want to ram my head into a wall. Yeah, that would be nice if the Lions could beat the Vikings. They just need to take it one game at a time just like Michigan. That's how I am. I mix my team up.
    There aren't many teams in the NFL I would wish it upon. Except the Bears. And the Packers. And the Cowboys, because I still think that one playoff game from like 2014 was rigged. I know the Vikings lost, and it gives me some hope that the Lions may stand a chance against them on Thanksgiving, but we'll see. For now, they need to focus on Houston. Hahah, I tend to mix it up between old and new Pokemon. I don't just use the new guys. I was just throwing out a few favorites.
    I don't wish it upon the Browns because I have nothing against them lol. I still remember that 2008 Lions season. It's pretty much stuck in my brain unfortunately. Speaking of the Vikings they lost their first game today. The Eagles played tough defense against them. I really like Alola Marowak, and Ninetails. I might actually use Alola Raichu on my team maybe. I'm very tempted.
    Lol the Browns might go 0-16 they're horrible. I've been so impressed with Stafford lately. The Lions aren't winning pretty, but wins are wins lol. I just wonder how long they can keep it up. I'm the same way. When it comes to Pokemon types I always use a balanced team.
    The Browns just lost again lol. The Lions just won that's three straight wins in a row! I just hope the Lions stay consistent and keep winning games. That's a lot to ask for though lol. Okay sounds good. :) I'm still planning my team lol. :p
    Yup, they didn't want to go 0-16 like the 2008 Lions lol. Michigan just won today lol. They blew out Illinois which was expected. We can always trade whenever you need something :D
    The Bears suck lol. I still can't believe we lost to them lol. That game was a fluke I agree. Jim Bob is good he needs to stay around calling the offensive plays. The Lions have a bright future. I can't believe I just said that lol. Bob Quinn gives me hope, but my hopes aren't high for this season. The Lions won't suck forever though. Not with Bob Quinn around. I know Michigan State will play hard next week against Michigan, but Michigan is for real this season. Michigan should have beat them last year too if it wasn't for that punting choke job. :/ Same here. Lunala has a more interesting design. I preordered Moon, but I'm going to get Sun as well for the exclusives.
    Quinn will get them on track no doubt. That guy has a proven track record. That Michigan State game was such a fluke last season. I'm still salty over that loss. Harbaugh won't let it happen again. Out of the two cover legendaries who do you like the most? Solgaleo reminds me of Pyroar :p I'm picking Moon because I'm a night person lol. I know that sounds like a weird reason lol :p
    The Lions will find a way to screw up this win streak lol. Michigan on the other hand is tearing things up. They're 6-0 right now. They will beat Illinois tomorrow, and they will beat Michigan State next week. Michigan will be out for revenge in that game after the choke job last year... Wimpod has a great evolution. I usually always pick water starters lol. I figured I would do things differently this generation.
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