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  • Do you still keep up with football? The Lions are on a small win streak right now lol. They're good names and they actually make sense with these cats lol. There's so many new cool looking Pokemon. Did you see the whole entire Pokedex leak, or are you trying to avoid it. :p
    I listen to everything lol even videogame soundtracks! My cats are named Cuddles and Snowball lol. I didn't name them my little brother did years ago. Ninjas are so mysterious that's why I like them lol. I reaaaaaly like Rockruff. I think I said his name right lol.
    Music helps me out a lot. Music is the best medicine (I always say that) Many people are more different than others that's for sure. For some reason I just fare better on my own, but having someone to talk to isn't bad by any means. Oh I see :) . I have two cats. One is a calico cat and the other is a big white fluff ball lol. I like Ninja's, so I think that's why I like Greninja so much lol. I like bulkier Pokemon to a point for some reason.
    I'm the same way, but sometimes I like being alone. Especially when my day isn't going good. Which happens all too often. Today should be alright for me because it's my day off lol. Phantom is too cool of a name I like it. I've never heard of that breed of cat. I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to breeds of cats and dogs lol. I'm exactly the same way. I did like Froakie a lot and his evolutions, and Chespin was alright, but I wasn't a big fan of Delphox for some reason. Delphox isn't a bad Pokemon or anything I just didn't care for it's look I guess lol. Greninja is easily one of my favorite Pokemon from Gen 7.
    I'm the same way. I'm quiet and I keep to myself too much around people I don't know. I have to get better in that area. I like how cats aren't tons of work to take care of. They're independent for the most part. I saw that picture of your cat. He looks awesome. He looks fluffy lol. All of these starter evo's will grow on me as well. Yeah, I should be heading to bed as well. Thanks and good night :)
    I make good money, so I try not to get down at work, but sometimes dealing with people gets to me. I don't like dealing with drama makers, but you run into them at most places. I have friends in real life, but not tons. My circle is very small. I don't get to do a whole lot with any of them because of my 2nd shift work schedule. I'll have to go take a look in the GCT thread :D I like cats lol. I'm going to pick Litten unless I have a change of heart at the last minute. I'm a big fan of these new starters :D
    Just because the stuff is back though doesn't equal more SO's though, that's something he's gotta prove. As for Pelfrey, if he's going at least 6 innings per game, I think we can live with the occasional dud... He's proven to be untouchable at times when he's got everything working.

    If I was up for wasting time, I could have watched the guys head to their cars in the parking lot, fenced of coarse XD
    Spring Training is what it seems like it would be... guys just testing things out and timing their swings and such. All the Perfrey is basically Porcello talk is true, he's get a ton of grounders, but has to locate in order to be effective. Those seeing eye singles are deadly in groups. Greene on the other hand seem to be back to the way he was with the Yankees as he's topping out at 97 mph on his Fastball while the Slider had some bite to it.

    Had a the smallest of conversations with Kinsler in the sense I wanted his autograph but he never came by, he did say cool to my jersey though. Did on the other hand get Miggy's and JD's sigs though, even got a picture with JD after the rain shortened game on Friday. So all and all good trip.
    Well I'm captain obvious and Golden Knight of the forum :D

    All that matters is making the Post Season, as the Royals proved, all you need is a little magic and some lucky drops and you can win a WS title. Or in the Giants case, one pitcher hehe
    Makes sense, Rome wasn't built in a day

    I just have the feeling, of coarse I always have that feeling lol
    It's only daunting if you hate numbers and letters... otherwise it's like typing in a secret language only a select few can decipher.

    You'll be the first to know : )
    Coding huh... I wish you the best of luck with that, it's just not my cup of tea.

    Going to Spring Training in a month, that's how I'm doing : )
    You haven't heard of Pioneer? It's pretty well known. It used to be the biggest in the state until Skyline was built.

    Yeah, I'm flying out soon, so I can't wait to get away from this cold. Hopefully by the time I get back, temps will have warmed up slightly. I remember back in elementary school, once mid-March arrived, it was high 50s and low 60s; now it's lucky to get past 40.
    Pioneer. Car is okay, but just isn't up to the weather in winter. It's been freezing here last couple of days.
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