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  • I know some fellow brown people who went to Athens.

    Yeah my own car is a 1996 Corolla :p ...it sucks in the winter because it takes forever to heat up and the headlights aren't bright enough.
    Did you go to HS in Michigan?

    Haha, I was kidding about that anyway. That's good - my brown parents obviously don't know of any other car companies other than Toyota or Honda.
    Uni, the daunting monster that is the mcat in june, applying for med schools in the summer. At least I'm going on vacation for a couple weeks at the end of this month to sort of refresh myself.

    What do you plan on buying?
    Dang, pretty sick. Sucks about your heater. Where have you been working at?
    There's some good games on the Wii U. I really enjoy Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World. I hope to try out Hyrule Warriors at some point, and Zelda U is going to be amazing! There's many more Wii U games I have to play. I also enjoyed Nintendo Land when I played it.

    I honestly think what Suh did was an accident. It seems like the NFL has always been out to get the Lions when it comes to stuff like that. However, I did hear yesterday that they overturned their ruling against Suh. He will no longer be suspended for the game against Dallas. He only got fined. I'm glad the NFL overturned their original ruling because it was ridiculous. Happy New Year by the way!
    Honestly ESPN and NFL reporters tried so hard to downplay the ever increasing rumors about JH going to Michigan. Sites like Mgoblog were posting ever increasing number of sources and odds of him coming for weeks now. I really want to know what happened behind-the-scenes that drove him away from San Francisco; hopefully nothing terrible.

    Meh, I think Suh has moved away a bit from the dirty player tag, but this one is a bit iffy. It could easily be him intentional or him just being absent-minded and not knowing it was Rodgers behind him; people are quick to assume the former due to his reputation, which is both fair and unfair. Anyway, Suh is going to play since appeal got overturned.
    I still have to buy Smash Bros on 3ds! My brothers got the Wii U version for Christmas, and I really enjoyed playing it! it was a lot of fun. Yup, coach Harbaugh is now with Michigan. I'm excited!
    I got a new Basketball, Tool Set, Air Compressor, Cloths, a nice Wolf Blanket, WWE15 for PS4, Far Cry Compliation for PS3. I received a lot of gifts. Both of my brothers got Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. I bought my youngest brother Little Big Planet 2 (the special edition) and I bought my other brother Fall Out 3. We all had a wonderful Christmas. That's awesome! Nice gifts!
    If Michigan can get a coach that can develop players, and recruit well I think that coach will be successful. Coach Hoke could recruit pretty good, but he could never develop his players.

    Yeah, same here! I already know I won't get all of the event legendaries sometimes I miss out on them. I actually had good luck catching the Regis, lol.

    I'm kind of the same way when I play Pokemon. I have to have everyone at a relatively even level.
    Yeah, he's not coming. Even if he leaves the 49ers he will stay in the NFL. The ball was in his court, and he said no. Michigan won't get John Harbaugh either.

    Shiny Metagross is cool looking, so I was pretty happy when I heard they would be distributing shiny Beldums over wifi. Thanks! Yeah, it's definitely time consuming, but eventually I'll catch them all in postgame. I knew you could do it! Congrats! One of these days I'll do a Nuzlocke. In Pokemon Ruby Rayquaza took me forever to catch. He didn't want to stay in any ball I threw at him, lol.

    I want to play that eventually! I've read a lot of good things. I love RPG games.
    Work has been keeping me pretty busy this week. I would love it if Les Miles became the next coach. I just hope Michigan makes the right hire this time. Hoke wasn't a good hire in the first place, and Rich Rodriguez was never a good fit. Les Miles has been a winner everywhere he's gone. Even coach Harbaugh is a winner. I don't know if Michigan will end up with either of them, but we shall see soon.

    I might actually change up my plans and start catching all of the Pokemon on every route after I beat the game. When you get Alpha Sapphire make sure to get that shiny Beldum they're giving away over wifi! :) That event ends on January 14th in the United States.

    Now I feel like playing a RPG game. Mega Gallade does look like a Paladin.
    I ended up getting 10 hours of sleep lastnight, lol. I felt so much better when I woke up! Yup, coach Hoke has been fired. Coach Hoke is a great man, and a very likable guy, but you have to win games. He helped Michigan win 11 games in his first year, but after that season Michigan regressed for the rest of Hokes tenure. It will be interesting to see who Michigan hires next.

    I can't wait to get farther in Omega Ruby. So far my current team is Grovyle, Shiny Dratini, Swellow, and Kirlia. I'm still not very far in the game. I'm making it my goal to catch every Pokemon in the game, so I have to catch every Pokemon on every route. I kind of rushed through Pokemon Y. I definitely wont be rushing through Omega Ruby. Thanks for the Nuzlocke advice! I'll be sure to keep that in mind when I do a Nuzlocke. :D

    That's cool. I know I picked Omega Ruby because Ruby was my game back in the day. Do you ever use legendary Pokemon on your teams? I've used Lugia in Pokemon Silver, and I've used Articuno in Leaf Green. I rarely ever use legendary Pokemon on my teams. I mostly just catch them just to have them lol. Mega Gllade is awesome! I fully intend on evolving my Kirlia into Gallade real soon.
    I've certainly had better days! I left work early because I had a bad migrain, and I couldn't even work because of it. I took a 4 hour nap when I came home. Now I feel fine (for now anyways.) I've been enjoying ORAS so much! I'm only 3 badges in so far, but I've been exploring every route, and catching every Pokemon on every route. Ah, that's awesome! I think you'll make it to the end. That would be great if you could complete a perfect Nuzlocke. Honestly, I've never done a Nuzlocke before. At some point I'll do a Nuzlocke! I always like a good challenge. Will you be getting Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire or both?

    It's alright! :)
    I'm the same way. I actually don't know a lot about the newer cartoons because I haven't really looked into them. A lot of 90's kids will hate on anything new without watching it, very ignorant if you ask me. I've heard of Adventure Time and Regular Show I want to check those out eventually.
    Good point lol. Yeah, I agree the show went downhill after the third/fourth season. I used to watch Nickelodeon all of the time, and Cartoon Network. I was also a very big fan of Toonami.
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