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  • Yeah, it would've been nice if they added a name rater on these Islands. Ah, I knew it lol. Fairly OddParents is such a good cartoon. The creator of the cartoon Butch Hartman is from Highland Park Michigan.
    Ah, that's too bad! I've done that a time or two, I mess up nicknames sometimes. Is Crimson Chin a reference to the Fairly OddParents? As a kid I watched that cartoon so much. Crimson Chin is a superhero in Fairly OddParents lol.
    There should be a way to contact customer support I believe. This is weird, I guess you're not the only one that still hasn't received a code. I received my email in the "promotions folder" on gmail.
    So you still haven't received a demo code via email? That's strange. Is there a way you can contact Pokemon.com about it? If I recall correctly everyone that signed up for the newsletter should have received a code, nobody was supposed to get left out. As far as I know anyways.
    For whatever reason... Tigers feel safe with their backs against the wall. If anything Jhonny's HR brought life and Balfour sparked something in Victor. I feel like Verlander's average regular season was devoted to make this moment special...to remind us who he really is :)
    So... yeah, I think I said we had this XD Tigers vs Boston... things can go either way now that the offense is clicking a bit better now :)
    I feel for you. The Browns have been an also-ran most of the time since my birth. I mean we only have one playoff win since 1990 and 2 appearances overall. A lot of good players we pass on in the draft, like Ben Rothlisberger for example, go on to be standouts for other teams while our picks become complete busts. Especially in the case of Big Ben, we have regretted letting him fall into the Steelers' grasp since his NFL career started - only 2 wins against him, both at home.
    What do you think? Should the BCS institute a new rule prohibiting conferences from winning consecutive national titles? Especially since my 2 favorite teams (Ohio State and Notre Dame) are 0-3 combined in BCS title games against SEC teams, I think this rule could really save college football by putting an end to single-conference (specifically SEC) dominance. Had such a rule been in place this season the following BCS bowl match-ups would have been different:

    Sugar: Alabama-Louisville
    Fiesta: Kansas State-Florida
    NCG: Notre Dame-Oregon
    Do you think the NFL should expand the playoffs to 16 teams so that it is harder for a 10-win team to miss? Since 2003 7 such teams have missed after an 11-year streak without it happening, with only 3 seasons (none of them consecutive) with all 10-win teams in the playoffs.
    Yes they do have Bills games in Toronto.

    I'm also in favor of having a college bowl game played in The Big House. The Big Ten could send a team there instead of to the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl in Tempe, Arizona.
    How would you like to see the Lions play a home game in The Big House every year? If it were in December it would give Lions fans a chance to experience football being played in cold weather something which Ford Field does not allow.
    I'm not scared either, seeing as neither team (Giants and Cards) are truly breaking out against starting pitching and the Tigers have the best there is right now. I think it would be interesting to play the past champions more then the current, but it's hard to say right now. I say the Tigers win in 5/6 or potentially 7
    I don't know... both NL teams are threatening in their own way, but nothing the Tigers can't handle. But the Giants seem a little more beatable then the Cards. 06 reversed would be nice, but again, whatever happens, I just hope the Tigers continue to play the way they are.

    Who'd of thought JV messing up the ALG could possibly comeback to haunt us?
    Told you Sabathia was no problem... especially since Max dominates the Yankees and their bats were not gonna be discovered in a day. Some good Yankee fans are congratulating Tiger fans, while others feel that Jeter would have somehow made a difference
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