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  • Not really. He's new so it's understandable. His reasoning is that every Pokemon requires Earthquake and Thunderbolt/Flamethrower etc to cover weaknesses. Like Dragonite requires Thunderbolt against those Water-types that carry Ice attacks. But in reality, a Dragon Dance Dragonite Outrage can easily wipe the floor with any Water-types.
    I get ya. Indeed, nothing better then chillin after a good workout. And nothing better than the feeling of lifting weights. Gotta love making your own shakes as well.
    Heh, probably jealous. :/
    But yeah, Working out, eating healthy, being able to enjoy games while being fit is a great thing.
    Heh, Hey there. Saw your topic on Misc and started to smile. Being a fitness nut myself. Keep that body fit dude. ;P
    Thanks for the Poliwag. That Turtwig was hardly. I just traded it over from the other NDS that I had (by restarting the game).
    100 win streak is nothing. I got over a 1000 win streak easily using the same strategy that I told you. Of course, you need to know the best move in the situation to succeed so you may as well practice. It's not like you can spam moves suggested by others and expect to use it as well as they can.

    I have one Turtwig, but its nature sucks. I suppose you can breed it.
    In Platinum, I've completed 100% of the National Pokedex. I also have a Black Trainer Card.
    Yes. He was the only one to truly die. But if you watched the movie, you'll understand the reason behind why he died.
    I still love Pokemon Crystal. That was the second game that I ever played. So I'm biased to Pokemon Yellow (first), Pokemon Crystal (second), and Pokemon Platinum (third).
    Nope. I never bought Black or White because I don't like the Pokemon designs in the 5th Gen. Poorly designed. Everything except a few Pokemon looked like trash. There's a fricking Ice Cream Pokemon. >_< And a Trash Pokemon. -_- I'm sorry, but that's just for me. Such creative minds.
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