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  • How about either a Chansey, Snorunt, Sneasel, or Gyarados?

    As for that Latias, I screwed up when I tried to clone her, so she's missing some data, but everything else is fine. :D She's still 100% fine on my Emerald version, but not quite here.
    Then if you don't mind, could I still trade for your Growlithe? What do you want for it?
    Sorry for the long wait. Found a Shiny Shinx and Shiny Starly and I couldn't just kill them so I took a bit longer. I'll be in the room.
    Okay. This will require 2 trips for a trade of 6. I'll be in the room in 7 mins. Right after I catch them and equip them with the Eggs.
    Snorlax is fine.

    Last chance, any Pokemon you want from Sinnoh? Otherwise, I'll just catch a flock of Starly.
    Deal! So 6 Lucky Eggs it is. Or if you rather not have 6, then pick whatever else you want.

    Anything from Sinnoh that you want.

    Be back in 10 minutes.
    Actually in about 30 mins. I need some snacks first. So I'll make a BLT. In the meanwhile, what Pokemon are you willing to trade? Just whatever you're willing. I'm not too picky.

    I'm currently looking for: Phanpy, Larvitar, Lapras, Growlithe, Vulpix, Aipom, Munchlax, Pineco, Beldum, Chinchou, Feebas, Manytke.

    And while we are trading, any Pokemon from Sinnoh you want?
    Hmm... interesting. Why did you need my Garchomp if you already have a Lv70 Mewtwo? Just wondering. I'm pretty sure Mewtwo is crazy powerful.
    I'll be in the room. Machoke, Onix, Kadabra, or some other one. Depends how far I get lol. Just working on breeding now. (I decided to have a fresh start.) Just adds more fun than carrying around the level 100s which is a bore.
    BTW, could you help me evolve a few Pokemon that require trading? Not now, but a few days from now.
    Okay. I've included Dialga too so it'll be your pick. My Garchomp is level 100 with Jolly nature and 252 Attack, 252 Spe EV. Just Swords Dance for as long as Pikachu remains in play since Pikachu can't hurt her and you'll be fine.
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