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  • I have no idea who would be best. I'm thinking that Garchomp can pretty much KO everyone, despite Blizzard's terrible accuracy. What do you think?
    Gimme a few minutes to see what I have. :) I have a Level 70 Dialga that I caught but never used nor trained. But yeah, gimme a sec.
    Cloning is a result of a glitch in the game. It requires good timing. If one method doesn't work for you, try a different one. Try the PokeWalker or trade via two DS games. There are more than 2 methods. But all of it require the timing of partial saving. If you really want to nail it, practice. I won't say more.
    You can't clone them yourself? YouTube has tons of videos. It's not hard at all.

    BTW, I'm currently training a Machop. When I get it to a Machoke, would it be okay if you let me trade it to you so it evolves to Machamp and trade it back to me?
    It should go like:
    Stun Spore
    Leech Seed

    Leech Seed remains in place if you switch out. But it will be gone if the opponent switches out.
    Thank you for a Timid Pidgey. I'll put her to good use. You're not getting her back. :)

    You should trade me more Pokes from Kanto. Can't get them in Sinnoh so easily.
    Sure, anytime. Next time, if possible, please no Totodile. :) I'd prefer a Pidgey over it.

    Yes, I have Lucky Eggs.
    I'm in the room. Ready when you are. I'm just going to give you back your Totodile.
    Yes I do. I have a lot. About 40-ish. You want one? I can equip it to a Pokemon and trade you it.
    Japanese Mew, Celebi & Jirachi Giveaway! UT and legit.

    Click Jirachi to enter!

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