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  • Hey! I tried to write up on Lumia (The Goddess of Light) in the Lore section, so if you want to add anything or change anything let me know!
    heeeeyyyyy youuuu!!! hope youve been doing alright, catch me on our discord foiledoctober :))))

    or here. here is always and absolutely fine.
    1 x 1 RPG's are allowed on here, if GH ever becomes active again, I have to convince him to restart TTTT on here. :p
    Do it! 8D
    Work's been killing me. Gonna try getting stuff done today & tomorrow though (apps, posts, VMs, etc)
    The names of all the RPG's (on Serebii, and that actually started) I've used Leo Silverstone in.

    PKMN Ranger: Fated Spiral (Pokemon Ranger)
    Pokemon Regional Academy (Pokemon Trainer)
    Dark Bliss Academy (Dead Pokemon Ranger turned Gallade Gijinka)
    Teen Titans North Version 3D! (Lucky Star. Superhero with luck based powers)
    Black ★ Rock Shooter - Innocent Souls (Crimson Flame, dead volunteer fireman turned lost soul)
    Divine (Chosen of Victini)
    Crimson Moon: Valiant Tales (Shadow Crimson, Superhero with Shadow powers)
    Digimon: The New Order (Digimon Tamer, Crest of Trust)
    Divine (version 2) (Chosen of Victini)
    Team Elite - "Because Money Talks!" (Pokemon Ranger)
    Pokémon: The Return of Team Galactic (Begining Trainer)
    Persona: Fallen Paradise (High School Student, with The Sun Arcana)
    Aradis Chronicles: Quest for the Sacred Gems (Monk/Illusionist)
    Prof. Gureshaw's Midnight Course (High School student with magic powers)
    <<Crimson Infinite>> Online (Crimson Flame, Guy trapped in an online game as a Red Mage)
    Battle of Yuletide 2012- The Frost Heart Cult (Sugarplum Fairy!)
    S P I R I T (Guy with Luck based powers fighting monsters)
    Digimon Chronicles: The Battle for Parallel Worlds! (Digimon Tamer, Crest of Love)
    Shamans & Exorcists & Necromancers VS. Zombies (Shaman with fairies!)
    Earthbound: The Rainbow Omen (Ordinary guy with PSI Powers who goes on adventure)
    Autumn Nights (Palladin, Superhero with Gallade powers)
    Cordoned (Pokemon Trainer who gets turned into a Togekiss Pokemorph)
    Sin Island (Ordinary Pokemon Trainer on vacation)
    Pokéventure Fun Park (Ordinary Pokemon Trainer on vacation)
    Digimon: The Mystery of E.V.E (Digimon Tamer, Crest of Love)

    Oh the nostalgia!
    It better be the most amazing RPG in the history of RPing. :p

    So you ended up sticking with your original choice then. |D

    Those avatars are made on this site You do have to make an account on there. You do not need to actually purchase the items. You can make an avatar with items you don't own. If you scroll down on the avatar page, there's a big button that says "What if I had all the items"
    I'll post today. I took my meds, so I can concentrate today. |D

    Aw! :(

    For purely selfish reasons, I say use Michel. I say this only because Michel knows fashion, and would likely know who Selena is. :p I'd say go with Sylveon, if only because the lust aspects are more blatant.

    It would go hilariously. :p
    Yes, I'm still planning to post in KC. I've just been distracted by other things. Like the Games section.

    How's the FE RP coming along?

    I was this close to choosing Lust in the Sin RPG because Sylveon, but considering one of the comments I got in the last 7 deadly sins RPG was how well Selena fits her sin, I thought, why not! :p And I got that exact same comment here too.
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