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  • I haven't seen/watched (?) lollipop chainsaw, actually..

    you should definitly join NPC's one too, which I don't remember the name of atm. lol
    How's stuff in your life?
    Gurl, yas gurl!

    I blame pop culture and shane dawson. lol.
    anyways, you still into RP'ing?
    At least you've been out of your country. I've yet to get out of the state...

    Yes, all the RPs you knew and love are dead! The good news is, there are new ones. IF has a Persona RP that you probably knew about. Your favorite Arcanas are all taken, but High Preistess is open!

    There's also this that is in desperate need of people. (JG and myself are the only ones with completed Sign Ups...)

    There are more funny pictures from that game I have to upload one of these days... Strangely I don't have Leo in any RPs. :/ (Well, that's not entirely true... I have his Ponyself... and I have him as a male Pegasus Knight on the other site, but neither of them are very active. :/)
    Well, at least I love mini skirts, hehe, so you've got me there. XD Hehe, I love skull-decorated bags, and skull-embellished anything! XD

    We're at the escalator part, if I'm not mistaken. XD Yup, there's a Persona one, but it's quite…crowded, it sometimes gets me worried. O.O There's definitely room, though! XD

    I'm great, hehe. XD I'm part of AJ2000's RP with Mon, which really is geared for a small number of RPers, and it's actually been active for 2 or 3 months, hehe. XD
    Really? That's awesome, man! XD Did you manage to get some things? XD

    BTW, glad you're back. XD I want to start Tango again, hehe. XD
    Hey, it's all good don't worry about it. I've been working too much to really be super worried, today and tomorrow are my only days off and tomorrow I'm busy almost all day so it's totally fine.

    Thanks for letting me know though!
    There's also Tales of The Abyss on the 3DS. Now I have to find it... :/

    I lose things all the time. It gets really annoying. >_> I absentmindedly put something down for a moment, and then later I don't remember where I put it when I actually need the thing. I've lost several styluses since I got the original Nintendo DS. >> I've lost the stylus to the Wii U gamepad too.
    I already posted this in a thread, but I'm still annoyed that it happened. :/

    I was walking through my local grocery store, making use of the free wi-fi and playing online on my 3DS. All of a sudden, my cell phone rings, and I drop the stylus as I'm reaching into my pocket to get the phone out. The stylus rolled underneath one of the candy shelves with the cash register attached. It rolled so far in, my hands couldn't reach it. :/

    It's not the worse thing that could happen, and I have a spare stylus at home, but it was still annoying. I can't exactly ask the employee to move the entire shelf just so to get my stick. My ride was also on the way in fifteen minutes so I didn't have any time to even try to get it out. This is another reason why I hate unexpected phone calls, and tiny 3DS Styluses.

    I bet this has happened to no one but me. xD
    They do most of those things offscreen. :p I just want better games in general. I'm starting to find the RPGs here more interesting than most actual Video Games.
    Oh, damn! It would definitely be a challenge, hehe. XD What dog post? XD

    Yup, Dancer with pink hair. XD I use loose enough associations so everyone gets a variety. XD Like I picked Cherche as one of Nerissa's, because Cherche has a black dragon named Minerva…a Roman name, and you do know that Nerissa picks Roman or Roman-influenced names for her Pokemon. XD I also assigned Noire under Nerissa…because Noire has issues with one parent…Nerissa has issues with both. XD I also gave Chrom to Emil, because he's the closest thing to a protagonist, hehe. XD

    I thought that you would browse odd websites and didn't want people peeking. XD C'mon, if I browse rent-a-person sites, of all the places to get Evie's name (a blond dude named Evgeni…his surname began with a P…I think it was Petrov or Pushkin or something, caught my eye and gave me the "Evgeniya" idea…he was supposed to be about 5'10 and was born on 3/11), then what other crazy things could we be looking at! XD Also, to listen to loud music without being pegged as "not paying attention"? XD

    Emil has to wear purple at least once (unless Austria counts), hehe…same with Stella in pink (she's have Monaco, then) and Nerissa in blue. XD Would Luxembourg be in beige like Netherlands? Or white and gold? XD Interesting to put Nerissa in something fancier as Luxembourg, hehe…considering that Stella makes a better Belgium? I'm also thinking of the Slavics…Emil as Ukraine (he has the hair length to pull it off, plus gag boobs are funny), Stella as Belarus and Nerissa as Poland (actually not surprising once you look past flanderizations). XD
    Doesn't it seem strange to you that everyone is just standing there allowing themselves to be hit every turn? xD

    Only those two married ponies. And the fact that the battles are turn-based... Like almost every RPG. xD

    It'll pick up whenever Jean gets around to posting.
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