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  • Man, lost luggage? XD It happened to me once when I landed in Germany. Thankfully there's German efficiency…the things arrived the next day. XD

    Yes, SIN lives on the other side, hehehe. XD You could! For the Violenza sibs (in DVB's RP), Lovina is quite the Wyvern Lord, and Felice's a Sniper. Me and War also agreed on Wyvern Lord for Carly because it's a flier class that isn't so girly…plus, Cherche is one. XD Geek around here and on the other side, hehe. Cisrian's a Sorcerer…definitely. XD
    You? Great, hehe! XD Still in Korea or back in Finland? XD

    Help me, man…I'm obsessed with Fire Emblem Awakening (especially the playable character "Gerome") thanks to Mon. XD Crazy enough that I made two sets of parodies based on it on the SIN thread. XD
    Nope, school ate me again, and I somehow managed to get a nasty cold... again. See ya next week.
    It's been a month... Did you contract something really serious...?
    I think my RP characters are stating to affect me. I just saw a video that made me cry. I don't mean just eyes watering either. There were real tears, a runny nose, sobbing, everything. I've never cried about fictional characters before, this has never happened. (Although the characters in question were ones I made...)

    I can't actually show you the video because it's in a video game you probably don't own, and I can't upload it, but I'll show you the screenshots, They're on here. I hope you can see them... It won't have the same effect without the voices or the music, but I really needed to share this.

    That's Tim and Leo's Miis, yes, they're wearing cat suits. One of the things you can do in this game is have your Miis perform songs together. These were the default lyrics.

    Funnily enough, Leo singing this song by himself was hilarious. Mainly because it sounded like a cheesy boy band song. Complete with Leo appearing on an elevated platform, him throwing a rose into the audience, and the audience screaming. The second Tim got in on it... MY GOD THE FEELS! There's also an Opera the two of them did together, that's just as adorable as this one, but I can't really show that, because it needs to be seen and heard to be believed...
    Maybe he should know some flirty language, hehe! XD Not French though...Italian would sound odd. Maybe Russian, for a hard-edged sultriness? XD Not so late, hehe...very easy for you to catch up! XD

    Tell me about it! I kinda want to hear about these things...I read crazy Pokemon internet stories a lot...some too ridiculous to be believed. XD I want to know how bad this was! XD Plus...I think we have a third option for Cisrian's Pokemon theme..."Dennis"! XD You know, the Ghetsis theme? XD

    Yup, her...non-gun hand middle finger. Anyone would recognize her if her gun hand had the metal finger/claw. XD The tapping sound would give it away. XD

    And...here's Andre in his gown! I must admit...he's even prettier than all the girls when he's wearing it! XD

    The girls had to show the differences in their personalities, hehe, while still remaining feminine "enough". XD Stella's the haughty type, so she got fur, crystal roses in her hair and lavender shadow. Mira is equal parts sweet and sensual, so there's the combination of sweet-looking lace and sensual thigh-highs and showgirl-style skirt. Evie on the other hand, is rebellious but still beautiful, so I gave her a different type of outfit that's less common, but actually still very feminine. XD Of course I kept her ribbon...it's already her trademark. XD I think that if you were to draw them...these outfits are probably easier to use, hehe. XD You could change some details if you will, hehe. XD

    I posted mythic-themed ones on my conversation with Mon. Let's just say...the girls got 2 each, because there was an oversupply of female mythic-themed dresses. XD

    Are you going to post in Tango soon? XD
    If there is another TT RPG, I'll probably give Leo different powers. lD There was that Christmas RPG DVB made a long time ago, where Leo got to be a Fairy with Candy themed magic, and I really want to use those again. I'm sure Rahel will love it. xD
    Is he multilingual? XD It would be interesting if he did fall for Adam, hehe. XD

    Unfortunately, I always seem to associate it with glitching noises...the random times my Crystal would freeze, there would be this distorted sound that's kinda a mix of the town music and fingernails on a chalkboard. XD That was the time I believed that blowing into the card would fix a game up. XD

    Hehe...in a matter of time, everyone would become Frankenpeople, hehe. Evie might get tattoos over the seams. XD A metal finger/claw on Evie wouldn't be as obvious as a metal arm, so there's that! XD

    And...I was playing around with the characters again, and thought of their "official function" looks, and combined them with diamonds...whether they came from Selena or are smuggled diamonds is up in the air. XD For some reason, I think Cisrian may forbid cross-dressing, so no Andre in a gown! XD


    Diamonds everywhere, hehe. I thought that Mira would like something that's elegant and feminine but also sensual, so I gave her a lace dress with visible thigh-high stockings. XD Cisrian got a cape, because...I think it's really a Cis thing. Dante is Italian, so he got a Mafia-inspired look, Andre was allowed a little pink...but no dress. XD Unless you'd like to see the dress I envision him wearing. XD
    Make-up might actually draw attention to the fact that he's missing philtrum, it's a part of the face that most people don't pay much attention to...

    I can already see a room-full of people staring at him as he tries to compose himself.
    Okay, I'll take a look. Check the last post in a few minutes for the update, It'll probably say Accepted, but I got to look at it either way.

    I'm able to tell if people are wearing contacts as well, but in my experience most people cannot tell I'm wearing them.

    Yeah, I got that there was a lot of variation on the myths. That would be pretty funny, especially if he accidentally squawked it in a room full of civilians.
    Yeah, okay, that'd be fine, and brushing up on my knowledge of Aswang, I read something about them squawking.
    How about the ability to communicate with foxes (that's something he'd logically gotten from his mom) and he could use it to spy on people while in the woods?
    While I get the logic behind invisibility, it kind of seems overpowered. The offer was really more to give him a secondary/minor power to replace what was an unnecessary secondary/minor power (short term levitation).
    Hehe, which makes her an even easier target? XD

    DPPt actually has pretty good music all-around. I'd say the worst is G/S/C/HG/SS. XD I tend to prefer R/S/E onwards in terms of music in general...except for Pokemon Tower of course. That's my favorite classic. XD Did you find an instrumental leitmotif for Mira? XD

    Imagine ordering an arrest of the "Hitman with a metal arm and all possible accomplices and associates" at the airport or anywhere else in Romania....none of them would want to go outside or even travel (especially with Evie), out of not wanting to be discovered or suspected! XD

    That's a very complicated history, hehe...kinda twisted and obviously long! Well, what do you expect from 400 years? XD PM the disturbing bit to me! XD I'd love to read, hehe! XD Hehe...nothing's too awful for me!
    Okidok', G'night

    Well, depending on the topic, it's difficult to have a long conversation With my character. lol.
    But eh, we'll see how it Plays out
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