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  • Same here, Froakie is the best choice. I gotta say, I did not expect him to turn out so badass. I dislike Fennekin's entire line. Chestnaught is cool, though. He's a boss.

    So I feel like posting in Echo and SiN, you down, G? B)
    Rckaird's answer might have more to do with the fact that you envisioned him as a 2-color character rather than 3.
    It's a very cool design choice, I'm loving the black and blue but still, ****. Ah well, what can you do about it. In case you're wondering, I literally can't log in to my account so here I am now. Don't feel like explaining why right now. Meh. Anyway, glad to have you back. How's them Koreans treating you?

    Also, which starter are you going with?
    I'm holding out hope that there's more Pokemon hidden in Post Game, but it doesn't look like that. :/

    Regardless, the Pseudo Legendary of this Gen is adorable, and Stella may be getting it. 8D

    I don't know the plot of AN either. That was why War and I had a disagreement in the first place. As far as I know, she doesn't either... I think you two will have to make something up...
    I'm picking Fennekin. I'm naming my character Andre and doing a Psychic/Fairy run.

    I'm disaponted with the lack of unique type combos with Fairy. :/ I hope there's lots of old Pokemon retyped.

    I'm not sure how many people are still active in NGC. :/ The last post there was yesterday, but it was quite some time before that.

    Can you and Jean continue Sn?

    I wouldn't call our spat nasty. We worked it out fairly quickly. Although, I wish he hadn't quit...

    Shut Down and Restart. It requires you to use a character from an RP that died for at least a month. It has to be a Pokemon RP (Although, I'm using Andre's Sn personality.) This RP is perfect for me, I'm the king of reusing existing characters. There's a lot of fourth wall breakage. xD Slots are full, but you can get on the wait list, someone might drop out.
    It is. War quit, but IF is taking over as Co-GM. Don't worry it's not too late, we can still put you in. :3
    Ehehe, glad to see you back! XD Can't wait to continue Tango! XD

    Well, War was gone for a really long time too due to RL issues. Like, I made the last post in Sin in...August. >.< We're waiting for you in Autumn Nights. IF took over War's duty as co-GM because...well, War's back, but let me just tell you that there was a pretty nasty spat that took place. >.<
    The bastardboss is making me check up on everyone to make sure they're still good for BOSS. He's finally updated, lol. Well, for everyone except the Tower/City Hall people but you're not one of them so not to worry. There's finally some traction, maybe.

    Ugh, I feel like his catspaw.

    (yes, I realise I'm copying and pasting this message for everyone but gimme a break, it's Monday tomorrow and I'm sad and I hate doing his dirty work)
    v No offense to IF, but I think a Fighting type would suit Aurelia better. I'm gonna throw Mienshao out there, only because we need more Gen. 5 Pokemon in this group. :/
    Golden~ Hello~! I just wanted to tell you I got Pokemon Black (the first) recently. I was hating on the 5th gen pokemon a bit before but they're starting to grow on me now that I played it. Sawk is currently my favorite in this generation (he kicks butt too bad it can't be a girl)...... I realize ever since Hoenn I've never had a favorite fire type. They're okay because their fire-types but I would pick another pokemon over them. Maybe I should give the Larvesta I just hatch a try.

    My sixth party member is a changing spot once I realize my Boldore can't evolve unless I trade her. I got no real life friends interested in pokemon so she's stuck >_>

    Also for your pokemon cloth in Autumn Night, ever considered Bisharp? It seem like a in charge boss pokemon but a bit of a bully in its pokedex entry. But I think that pokemon would still fit her... good attack and defense seem like would be her best stats in my opinion.

    On a more important note..... How are ya doing?

    I need to run in like five minutes but yea, I'm alive and I'm still in all my rps and yeah I need to post. Haven't had much time on the computer (read: "lawl what is time on the computer anyway how do you get it"). Buttt now that the first week is kind of winding down I should be able to come back like next week idk wish me luck I'm going into a contest now. With free food. I missed breakfast. Again. Who makes breakfast be at 8 anyway?

    Oh I dunno if anyone's heard but there was a train crash like hours before I came (which would be a week ago, Saturday) and yeah train crashes aren't fun. They delay **** like a shitton. Anyway.

    See you guys soon!
    There's also a My Little Pony RPG! 8D Pony!Leo is now canon! 8D

    You'd have to be a supporting character. Bearers of the new Elements of Harmony are taken. (FYI, Leo's element is Empathy, which I think is fitting.)

    Let's make Pony!Dani canon. :3 Although, Pony!Leo is also an Earth Pony. Which means he can kick her ass as easily she can kick his. xD
    Oi, we need you at Castlevania. We don't exactly have the token "creepy guy" yet...yes, I'm thinking of Cesaire. XD Seeker of Darkness, perhaps? XD

    There's 4 Heir of Darkness girls he can probably creep on...Clary (AoT), Rapunzel (TSR), Sayo (Lost) and Daciana (me). XD
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