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  • I guess that was where stolen cars were brought? I've read articles about...roped-off spaces with luxury cars in them? And they're all actually smuggled in by outsiders. XD Even when I checked forums out before I left for Poland, I always saw questions along the lines of "Is my car safe?" XD That's why I decided to make sure that the thievery part was not her specialty. XD

    Yeah, Brienne the lady knight in Game of Thrones. Not exactly in looks (Brienne is blonde), but the vibe...you get it. Lawful Good, wields a sword, 6'3" like the actress. She's in Season 2. XD Well, the only hint she would have aside from Julia's nerve is Julia's really good aim. Of course, since she is too poor to afford archery lessons, it could be deduced that she knows how to use some sort of gun. XD Wait...what's her Zodiac sign? Would it be weird if Julia was a Sagittarius? XD

    Hehe, don't worry, I'll finish it! XD And of course, TvTropes would come. XD

    The Violenza siblings actually fit in very well here. XD Even funnier, they seem to look like they fit the Sun (Felice) and Moon (Lovina) Arcanae pretty well! XD Hehe...Felice could probably be Lovina's cockblocker. XD
    I don't like the protagonist but I like the rival, he looks bad ***. The other kid looks like a dumb ***.

    Morning toons? 8> What do you watch?

    I suppose that's about a good a reason as any to wear one. x) So not to pry or anything but I'd be interested in a Persona RP if you need players. ^^
    GH playing God and Jesus?
    What RPGs were you in? O.O

    Meh, I think I remember you saying you played mostly girls, but I most likely just confused you with someone else. Also because most of the characters you played in RPGs with me were girls (Thaysha, Sofiya, and now Benjamin's Operator in AC) + Qui... The moogle. Benjamin's the first fully human male I've seen you play.

    Now I need to write up my own post.
    Hehe...what a nice subversion. XD Thankfully, Julia is not a thief either, considering the "car thief" stereotype of Poles in the early 90s. XD

    Yeah, "Golden". Strangely, she isn't blonde! But then again, neither Julia nor Cadence seem particularly book-brainy either, since Julia didn't finish high school and Cadence emphasizes on love and getting along with people. Aurelia could be a Genius Bruiser of sorts...XD Wait...man...now you're making me think of Brienne of Tarth! Prettier though, of course. XD Seriously, a bifauxnen, Lawful alignment character and her actress is 6'3". I cannot unsee. Seriously. >.< Well, Julia should still not fear Aurelia at all. XD She's a hitman after all, and maybe because she's experienced much worse, and she has to be better than Aurelia at something at least, so it's probably on nerve. Aurelia would hate her at first? XD Hehe...I have formulated a reason why she isn't scared of Aurelia...her gang is mostly Italian in ethnicity (yes, her accent is still teased). XD

    Hehe...I noticed that! Plus, they also share a very similar hairdo! XD There's also Young!Hungary too...

    Yeah, maybe over there...XD To keep it orderly, maybe 8 people max? XD
    Oh... Well, that makes sense. xD Translators tend to be horrible unless it's a real person though.

    It doesn't make them any less annoying to play against. Especially when they use Darkrai and don't have Sleep Clause on... I won twice he won twice, so that was enough. :/
    I imagine that's the case for everyone that tries to order food in a language that's not their own. At least you didn't intend to order spaghetti and meatballs, and got spaghetti and bulls testicles instead. (I read about that happening to someone.)


    God I hate playing Pokemon against little kids. -_- Don't they know they're supposed to tell people when you're using a team full of Ubers.
    From what I gather you dont have a whole of experience playing introverted and angry male teens. You're kinda into the "female/asexual ditz" a whole lot more. No wonder you have trouble.

    Just try to imagine "what would I do if I kinda hated everyone and everything and was piloting a killing machine that was also the only thing in the world that gave me purpose"
    Yes it would. Yeah I figured humans were animals too. I know not to abuse but I can understand why that kind of thing is usually a no-no in RPs.

    That's the main reason why I tend to avoid joining mideval fantasy RPs. >.< I have no idea how to dress people from that time period.

    Right, won't do it again.

    You said that last month. Good good. :)
    There. Like?

    Lol. I wasn't minimizing the food or drinks, I simply though there was a festival attached to it like a parade or some ritual. A bear? The ****? Lol. Just strolling around town. Heh. Yeah so don't go drinking and lighting bonfires at the same time. Is it still that cold, damn. You know what would be fun? Hot tub. With friends and drinks. And chicks, of course.

    Looks legit. So whats the deal with the eye-patch?
    My hunger drive. XD

    Wait, she's Italian too? Haha. XD What a twist, since I'm the one known for Italian characters after all. XD I like her name...means "golden". XD Man, that would be Cadence's department! Julia would probably influence her...in a darker, looser and less sweet way. XD Is Aurelia the "Brains" of Beauty, Brains, Brawn for the girls? XD Will she be the Bifauxnen in the "Bifauxnen and Ladette" duo (Julia is the Ladette)? XD Hey! I noticed something...she might be Lawful, Cadence is Neutral and Julia is Chaotic! And...Aurelia is Superego, Cadence is Ego and Julia is Id. XD So, you could name the non-Anglo Saxon ones pretty easily? XD Well...none of the girls seem to be...and one is not the same as the rest among the three. XD

    We must think of Hetalia counterparts now. XD I'm calling it, Aurelia is Germany. XD

    Aww, damn! XD You should! You know I'd join...XD
    It's my favorite trope. :3

    Thunder is probably meant to be electricity and stuff *Looks at Pokemon.* It could possibly be extended to control electrical machines? If Wood were expanded to "Nature" then I can also control animals. BD It's funny that Poison is included with Wood, because the Axe also heals. Poison and healing, such a contradiction. BD I agree with that.

    But English is my first language. >.< I still have trouble articulating things.

    She was too similar to Mira. The only difference being that she flirted with guys intentionally and isn't ashamed about it. And that she wasn't running away from home of course. As I filled out the history, that personality didn't fit. Especially as the Captain of the Love Destiny. There were also some other contradictions didn't go well.
    Lol. Yes well, I don't know. You're right though, I won't. :>

    Oh that, it's what buddies do. *drinks up* This... This is good!

    How was the celebration? What exactly is it that is custom to do aside the drinks and food?

    That's sounds pretty cool, a tomboy chick. Darn, I was so close to using Rose... Meh. I think I might edit Axel's SU and make him and Rose siblings so that I can use her as an NPC. Would be cool.
    Someone messaged me saying it wasn't a good idea to have posted that in the thread.

    Why the eyepatch and cat? xD Anything to make Fire more versatile right? It's such a boring element on it's own. :/ I know, I've used it many times.

    I know, plagiarism and all that... You had phrased what I was thinking better than I could have. >_> I would've changed words and stuff to make it something that I would actually say. Regardless, it wound up being too much in the end C+Ping, among other things...
    Yeah, as long as the color does not remind me of that ice cream, I'll be fine and dandy. XD

    Loli is cute! XD You know, since we have two adult females, a loli mixes things up a lot! There's nobody to influence, currently...since Halt is male. No one could have a morality pet...XD To think that if anyone had said morality pet, it would be Julia. XD What's the ethnicity you're planning, given the current ethnicity line-up (You could tell the characters' ethnicities with a glance, right?). XD

    That's why you should also consider a loli...almost like a powerful magical girl! XD Cute! Maybe even give her a firebird theme...make her Russian!
    Your welcome

    That looks nice, go with that. You could always make the flames purple or something. ^^

    I was going to have her be a spoiled naive Rich girl, and I did C+P lines from Mira's SU. As I was continued writing it, that characterization didn't work but that line still made sense.
    Hehe...thanks! XD Yes, I love hats...now a hat on a brunette character is even more fun! XD I chose the bow because...bow users are usually elegant, rich and classy in RPGs. Julia is neither elegant, rich nor classy. XD

    How about a strong, tough bounty hunter of sorts? Only works for someone Julia's age though. XD That will put him at odds with her, an actual criminal...and I did state that Julia is not afraid to fight and brawl with grown men...XD We also need a younger girl though, 15 or 16, small in height...maybe a loli. Julia and Cadence will try to influence her in different ways! XD Besides...cute girl with a sword! XD The Hero usually has a sword, so make a cute Hero! Or a bounty hunter! XD

    Not a problem...unless you prefer smog! You know, with poison mixed it...and the ability to have long-term effects in battle. MapleStory has that with the Fire/Poison Mage...uses poisonous attacks for DoT, so why not a poisonous smoke? XD
    Hehe...check out my Julia in DVB's RP. XD Poor girl, street gangster...crazy hair in between brunette and redhead...and...not Italian? XD Cadence was already Italian, that's why Julia isn't. XD
    I'm still undecided, but I'm considering using Cadenza. :3 I've already given my reasons on War's profile.

    I'm sure Diego is gonna try to get with her though...
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