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  • *Pops bottle open*

    Bottoms up? : D

    For sure.

    "Yo bartender a ****ing pitcher for me and my buddy here." On me.

    Wait, that's tonight? Dang, very cool. ^^

    Yup. I used her in a School for the Gifted Type RP, she's shy and talented in specific ways. The RP kinda died when the GM left unannounced. Who are you using?
    Good luck.

    I have a few characters I'm considering. I'll wait for some other SU's to pop up before I decide. :)
    But... I thought we were drinking pals and you won't even hold a bro's beer? ): Yo... *cautiously picks up bottle*

    Secondly, you don't have to. I'll welcome myself to your awesome festivities and share in all your food and drinks like a boss.

    Nah. I'm not gonna use Hunter... That would be overkill... I'm using Axel, Hunter's reincarnation. Or I might go with a chick named Rose...
    Just checking

    You learned to type properly, I didn't. >.< I was going to take a class in it during the Summer but it got cancelled due to lack of people enrolling. The internet on a 3DS is laggy and slow at times which is why it's a pain.
    Wait, are we being serious?

    I still use two fingers to type anyway, so typing on a mobile device or a proper keyboard doesn't make that much of a difference.
    We'll compromise and rob a jewelry store then. They have chocolate diamonds. xD

    When I get home. Typing long RP posts on a 3DS is a pain. :/
    I find it weird that I can go on Serebii from work, but the other place is blocked.

    The blocking site gives "Games." as the reason, as though Serebii is void of any games. xD

    It is a pain in the butt trying to type on an iPad...
    ...You should probably start your own. I have to re-read Kamotz' post everytime I'm about to start mine, cause I always forget to react to something, and I want my characters to reach oth chronologically and to everything.

    Just assume Davis puts up a LOT of resistance to Claire's suicidal strategies and only breaks down from the combined stress of immediate danger, there being no better way and Collete going "You're a soldier, so is she, this is the only way, ****ING FIRE THOSE MISSILES"

    I ain't goin there to stuck dollars bills in their thongs either. I don't even own any dollars.
    That's Spain. Center Spain especially is super hot cause its pretty continental in its weather pattern. Most of portugal is meditterranean influenced, and its temperatures don't vary much.
    ***** from my bedroom window I can make out like 6 miles of beaches. It's one of those things where you love it when you can't have it, but when you have it you just go "yeah, cool" and ignore it.
    Only I love the beach, I just hate going alone/when its windy.

    I ain't going to no strip clubs. The seats have AIDS.
    I know right? xD

    And then poor Jigglypuff becomes outclassed by Clefairy like usual. :/ At least this would give Jigglypuff something unique. Though, you're right, it would be shocking if they DIDN'T give Clefairy the Fairy type.

    And you should totally have your character be a tomboy in Eevees. You should also have her be from Kalos too so she can contrast Andre. xD

    Now if Munna gets a Fairy typing I'm going to ask for a trade. xD
    Ahh, alright then. I'll keep you updated

    Well, yea, that's why I put the cast at six, and I'd like for people I trust to be active on the forums to participate in it.... Though yea I'll also keep you updated on that, just need to find a way on how to shatter the mold

    I'd like to play more guys, but everyone is always asking for my service as playing as a girl. Apparently I've been told I can play them really well... Anyways I think that Archetype would work well GH. Alright, time to go ask a mod about it.

    Ahh, good to hear. I don't know on the plot just yet, just that I want three Master/Servant pairs (of 6 playable characters), and something that breaks the mold of the standard save the world / take over the world plot. I would like the actually build on the world itself first.

    Sadly no, the butterflies are more of just a ribbon that ties her hai into a ponytail...
    Our Gender Ratio should be a 4:4... Hmm, if I can salvage the current Eevees, and just re-open SUs. I can give Spyrox Leafeon and you Sylveon, but you two will need to get them in quick. We have a 3 : 3 even right now, so you and spyrox should talk it out... Also, I'm glad to find another person who likes equal genders!

    Yea, those always suck. XD .

    Shikigami (式神, shikigami) is the term used for the summoned spirits of an "onmyouji", a Japanese sorcerer. Shikigami are used to protect and serve their master, much like the Western concept of the wizard's familiar. There are many types of shikigami described in legend, the most common type being enchanted paper cutouts that can produce the illusion of another real-life object. The type of shikigami seen in the Touhou world are distinct entities, not initially created by the onmyouji that, through some circumstances, have agreed to or have been bound to assist the onmyouji.

    Shikigami often share a special link to their masters, which may cause their onmyouji to receive sympathetic injuries dealt to the shikigami. Because of this link and the enormous amount of energy needed to maintain shikigami, onmyouji do not usually summon more than one or two shikigami at a time.

    Using that Def

    It is amazing hair. It's pink and has butterflies and cherry blossoms and stuff pfft
    Yea 8D I'll get started on the Re-Re-boot ASAP

    Hmm... I might kill it, no one cares for it anymore I think (Including me) I have an interesting RPG idea coming up involving somethigns from Touhou (No Danmaku or Lolis XD Just Shikigami) that'll be up soon. Yaaayz. I wrote 195 words in a SU about hair o-o
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