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  • Ahh ,really interesting. I might join if I have the room XD. So anyways yea, it's your choice

    No clue at all
    I Don't die, but I become super sluggish at anything over 28º. I go all "bleeeeeeergh I don't wanna do nothing" and waste whole days. Especially fi I stay indoors. Which is often the case, sadly.
    Meh, half naked people that I can't get into me, you mean. It's like going to a strip club: you can look, but you can't touch, be touched, or derive any sort of sexual pleasure from it. Maybe a little mindless chat, if you're lucky.
    Not that I've ever been to a strip club. Honest.

    I'm a ver mediterranean kinda guy. I like it when the temperature doesn't vary from 10 at its absolute lowest to 28 at its absolute highest. With one or two days of 32º cause those are awesome beach days as long as they're not many of em.
    It was the most mutual and pacific break up ever. It was kinda weird with how "cool" the whole thing was.
    Where's that ****ing bed.

    Pfft -60º?
    Forget that I'd never survive. I die at 8º.
    I didn't actually know Tom of Finland
    If that guy existed anywhere else in Europe he'd have been stonned to death.
    Well, maybe not in some parts of France...

    (not sure why I'm telling you this, honestly)
    Yah, that's fine, it's not like I'll get all the sign ups in a few days though, so next week should be fine.
    Maybe a more real-time card based system? Yggdra Union is symbolized by it's unique gameplay for a TRPG. Ahh, alright good, you definintely need to finish it. I suggest Rozzy because it'll create Gender balance (And Rosary is only used to fight the final boss...)

    Yea, tht series is amazing. Did you kill Rozzy or Rosy? We should, with a smaller cast
    I did kinda... Need t oOpen up another tab and do some copypasta

    OMG I'm so sorry it never lasted, *hugs* though he deserve a hug for that. Alright, I can help.
    OMG I should

    It's amazing... It's so amazing filled with everything, but setriously play the games first. Fans hatre fans who are in omlyfor hte fanon. Also AMG Blitch!Freay :D
    AzerWrath, aomeone who had a long hiatus apparently and is into dah touhous :3

    Alright GH, good t ohear. I would sooo love it if she was liek Satori XD
    Yah, I'm about to post a light-hearted medieval RPG sometimes this week if you're interested, but you can check it out on your own time
    If that's the sort of pranks you do I totes wanna be your roommate. And I'd make it a point to use your toothpaste.

    Isn't that the place with the highest rate of suicides in the world?
    Dude, I love you and I need you and you have lot's (of sex) to live for.
    Good, good. Now that school is over and I have time I'm going to sign up for a few RPG's, letting the GM's know that my time is limited though, since I probably wont be able to roleplay much past august. And how are you?
    Lol, I joined a Persona RP on another forum, and theres another girl named Hitomi with The Hermit Arcana. I figured it's probably a common Japanese name, but still. xD

    Edit: I read it wrong, it's Hitori... (I dislike Japanese names sometimes... -_-)
    It's what you think it is, GH. Not activity mind you but...yeah, you get it. >.< I'm talking some sense into him currently. >.<

    Help me, please? >.<
    But you're not evil. You're cute because you think switching someone's sweet toothpaste with a bitter one is evil - when it isnt - and that's d'aaaw worthy ^^

    Since when are pigeons the size of my hand? Either you live in a country where everyone has mutated giant hands or where you have mutated mice pigeons.
    Either way, the hell?
    Is it the relatively close proximity to Chernobyl? It is, isnt it?
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