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    I smoke less than one ciggy per month. Cmon that's nothing :c
    And I hate people who smoke as well, SO LET'S JOIN TOGETHER ON THAT, SHALL WE?

    If any pigeon so much as approaches my living room I will kill the blasted thing and have it for dinner. I swear.

    Heh, the confusion! XD That's why I use s/he, so I'm less likely to be wrong. XD

    Yeah, though you also happen to be the rational, more intellectual one among us. And Prussia does have that side too! And yes, the birds! We can't forget our love for bird motifs here. XD

    Aww, thanks. :3 I'm France then, since he's probably the softest among them, even though I'm not exactly cultured either. He just seems more like "the heart" of the group. Actually...yeah, War can be England! XD I love the Bad Friends, so I made it our first Hetalia configuration. XD If not among the Bad Friends, I may be more of a Hungary or...because of my perpetual "XD", North Italy. XD
    I was always a dog person, but I think I'm transitioning into becoming a cat person. Dammit all!
    I won't do it in public, GH. Jeezus, Im not that weird! Going to the street, looking up and singing? Real life isnt a musical.

    >I actually smoke but only like 10 cigarettes per year.
    Heh, I'm more used to s/he though. XD Damn, this is really funny. XD

    Yeah, you're awesome and cool. If you had a Hetalia counterpart, you're Prussia. XD Mon's counterpart seems to be Spain, or maybe England? XD I'm France to complete the Bad Friends Trio.

    The circlet it is, then! Makes her look more...ethereal. XD It actually highlights that she's beautiful and an elegant battler. XD
    Heey! Of course I remember you-- how could I forget all the fun we had in Face-offs? Wow, it's been what, 6 or 7 years? I don't log in here as often as I used to. ;w; How have you been?
    A few months ago I googled "how to deepen your voice"
    Turns out there's this method where you look at the sky and mumble jibber jabber for a minute or two everyday and within a few weeks you'll see results. Its so effective you can d the method for more than a minute or two or it'll wreck your vocal chords.
    I might start doing that.
    And smoking. But that's because I started smoking in an attempt to deepen my voice and now I'm addicted.
    (/joke. The smoking part, the youtube part is legit)

    Well, War told me you're a "she" whenever I go "he/she", so I just am that way around him. >.<

    Yes, you seem to possess "The Spirit of the RP" or something, based on my observations. Seriously. I think you're really just that awesome and cool. XD

    Here they are...one with a silver circlet and another with the crown o' thorns. XD Take your pick...XD Both look equally good and actually show her face. XD


    Heh, I'm looking forward to it! XD
    You'll be able to catch up. We're just trying to kill each other right now. xD If you drop out, and Raiden takes too long, we have no one to represent Lust. Alrighty then. :)
    Oh god his voice
    I want to sound like that!
    I think I'm gonna start smoking just so that my voice deepens and sounds so rough and mainly to resemble that. The years of life I lose to cigarretes will be worth the sexyness I win!

    And what is this you show me?
    Its like a white ball of happiness and smiles x$ that face, that fluff. /Desperatelywant
    How about a silver circlet or a crown o' thorns? Looks more elegant and sexy. XD Don't want to hide Mira's pretty face too. XD

    Thanks! XD I got lucky when I stumbled upon the cape because it was both furry and thigh-length like your SU said. XD If she had a Pokemon lookalike in thus form, it's Shiny Zoroark mixed with Roserade. XD Yeah, all the characters have Pokemon lookalikes whether in casual or Constellation. Dante's casual for instance looks like a Mightyena while his constellation mixes 7 Pokemon. Mira...it's not only Shiny Zoroark and Roserade but a few more. Casual Mira is Mismagius. Evie's Pokemon lookalike is very obvious in all aspects...what do you see? Yeah, types need not exactly match here. XD
    I do still like puppies and men in shirtless clothing. Revisiting.
    @Corgi Puppy and the spoon. I'm squeeing for 10 ****ing minutes looking at four gifs when I should be wroking DAMMIT GAWWW I WANT THAT PUPPY

    >Men in maids outfit
    "He better take that **** off"
    >Takes it off
    All of my boners. All of them. That wink.
    Also, is this some show I'm unaware of? Cause if it is I'd buy the **** out of its DVDs. All seasons, don't care if it'd cost me my college tuition.
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