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  • You better not drop out! D8< Good good. :)

    I didn't drop out of TT either, I quietly disappeared. xD

    *Insert witty comment here*
    Heterochromia = two colors. You have it. Stop complaining dammit <.<
    Two different shades of eye colors is sexy any day of the week. Dark brown with light brown + green included!

    And there is no out from /hm.
    No out at all >)
    Unless they're spamming 1D threads again. In that case you're free to get out. For your own sake
    (seriously its gotten to the point where I know the band members' names by heart, ****ing hell <.<)
    Also I made some changes to Andre's SU (Mostly to history, but I did have to add and take out some details to personality.) I'm asking you for help with SU's more often. :p
    So do I sadly. :(

    I've already not resisted it. I'm currently in six that have actually started. And there are a couple that I'm waiting to start. :p Especially this one. Because in no other RP would Leo be allowed to summon Pinkie Pie. xD
    What's the fourth? (Besides Echo, BOSS, and Sn) Or is it the one not on here that you PMed?

    And I'll wait for the ones I'm in to get active xD
    I learned that from TvTropes. xD

    Contrary to popular belief, I don't join every RP that comes up. :p I've thought about it though...
    I felt it better to VM this part than PM it.

    I imagined Greed being a desire for material/tangible things, while Lust is a desire for something intangible (Pleasure, Love, Revenge, Knowledge, Fame, etc.)
    Did you read the summary?

    It's a project that might or might not happen during the Summer. I threw it out there so my contacts could reserve a slot before it goes public (if I decide to go through with it that is). Really it was to see if there's enough interest since I didn't provide in-depth details and no Arcana or EVOs are "reservable" yet.
    Well I'm glad it was funny. That was the goal. xD

    On a different note, I'm considering editing Andre's SU a bit so he can fit his sin better, but I'm not sure how... :/
    You have heterochromia?
    That is the coolest thing since I saw that video of that guy picking up and throwing king cobras with his bare hands at the zoo in india.

    Old, fat, bald man are the essence of /hm. Embrace it, as they embrace you. And prepare your anus for they are not always gentle.

    ***** please, heterochromia is exotic for anyone in the entire friggin world. Seriously, like, *-*
    Yes, they all are. Especially the NamelessShipping ones

    You should, you're art style is certainly unique
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