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  • omg, hey! and... lol? ehas xD Back here! how much I need to pay you girl!?
    I think it's been a... year or two I don't access this xD
    Coincidence your messages were recent xD
    Aaaaahh andd.... my e-mail got... ripped :D ... xD really, idk what happened, suddenly, it stopped working u.u aaanyways. see you soon!
    Of course. xD From my findings, (I had to Google search what the word meant,) a Weeaboo is a person obscessed with Japanese culture, which is why I made it that. I don't know if I'd portray it accurately, though. I can't imagine an old guy obscessing over Manga/Anime. Unless it's Hentai. That's the nerdy grandson's job. xD

    So, then what would be an accurate depiction?

    It'd be nice for him to be able to do something useful for a change. xD

    If there is a v4, I hope for a little more interaction outside of just fighting. One of the things about the show the RP was based on is that the group were actually friends outside of fighting bad guys. (Even if they didn't always agree...) Here, I barely know any of the other characters. :/ As soon as one fight ends, another begins...

    I don't think I'm that bad. 8P But, yeah, that's happened to me one too many times.
    Male fanservice is the reason Leo exists, lol. xD

    It'd probably be a general Japanese store, Nodoka has to get her Yukatas from somewhere. xD (It would also happens to sell Mangas, Anime DVD's, and Cosplay outfits. Because Misty Springs has the best cosplay community ever.)

    Yeah, I can see how going from one extreme personality trait to the other without a magic disorder to explain it can be difficult.

    I'm likely keeping the luck powers, just giving them an upgrade, and making them more... magical in nature.

    But it would still depend on who else joins, and other stuff. I've gotten a lot pickier about the RP's I join. I blame you for this.
    Wait, that's a dude? >.< Aww...he's cute. XD I think I like Nun-Ian...like in that movie "The Town"...the male criminals were dressed up as nuns complete with old lady masks. XD

    Yeah, I think Dani can be normal-Kanji and Carina can be the Marilyn Monroe-Kanji. XD Janna is the resident seamstress though, but I also think she'd fit...Yosuke pretty well, but Yosuke also fits Leo too. XD Drake is Teddie, amirite? XD
    I know, I'm just putting out there. xD I also thought of it first. Because why should the girl's be the only ones wearing revealing costumes. xD

    Hopefully, Misty Springs has a reeeally good Costume shop where I can get all the pieces.

    Whichever you prefer? :p I'll probably wind up joining either of them.
    But the body issue...a man's torso definitely looks different from a girl's. Plus...the possible bulge if she wears a tighter mermaid-style skirt. >.> Maybe she should be Sansa which would be really funny if Janna dressed up as Cersei, as Janna is nothing like Cersei. I'd like to think of Nick as a Mafia guy or a Desperado, Ian as a serial killer and perhaps, any of the girls as a nun with a gun for the lulz. XD

    How about we think about a P3/P4-themed Halloween just for fun? XD Would Carina be cross-dressing Kanji? XD Who would Janna, Leo, Dani, Cesaire, Nodoka, etc. be? XD Hair colors do not have to match as well as age. XD
    V I've already told both of you what Leo's Halloween costume would be. :p

    As for Lilly, maybe I should do like her bro, and make a reference to another RP she was in, and have her go as Lillymon. xD That costume would be hard to put together though.
    Damn, gotta decide between those two equally great and scary options. XD I wonder who'd wear one of those full-body costumes...Elly? XD Too bad Carina can't go mermaid or something...XD Would be fun to see who wears what. XD
    Why don't you combine both? XD It's Halloween and a perfectly good excuse to do it. XD I'm still deciding if Janna should be a dominatrix, a sexy pirate (Similar in look to the League of Legends character Miss Fortune), a sexy Grim Reaper or...Cersei Lannister. XD
    Of course we will! Halloween is my favorite holiday! XD What would Cesaire's and Dani's costumes be? XD Halloween party at someone's place! XD Cesaire's, perhaps?
    Well, unfortunately, Midsummer's Eve already passed in the RP. XD Janna, having been in America for about...5 1/2-ish years would definitely know about Saint Paddy's. XD Eh, Scandinavians are known to be pretty heavy drinkers compared to many other nationalities. XD

    Yup, Dani was born on a heavy-drinking holiday but turned out to be quite the opposite. XD Maybe she'd prefer...green energy drinks as a compromise? XD A day full of Mushroom Samba and drunks of all kinds. XD
    Yeah, it's that actually. XD Saint Paddy's is a widely-celebrated drinking holiday even in the States. XD Misty Springs' only bar may be full, and it's a really nice irony for Dani's birthday...for it to get spoiled by heavy drinking. >.<
    BTW, here's the running list of the characters' birthdays. XD

    Leo: July 23 (Leo)
    Jannike: November 11 (Scorpio)
    Louise: October 9 (Libra)
    Alyssa: June 9 (Gemini)
    Diego: May 1 (Taurus)
    Nodoka: August 8 (Leo)
    Elly: February 29 (Pisces)
    Lilly: June __ (Cancer)
    Aika: December 4 (Sagittarius)
    Alistair: September 16 (Virgo)
    Matt: November 23 (Sagittarius)

    Have you decided on Cesaire's and Dani's birthdays yet? XD There seems to be way less early birthdays than late birthdays. XD I don't think you'd like to undertake my "March 17" birthday dare though, as it's the ultimate drinking birthday. >.>
    Well, I wouldn't expect him to be weepy. >.> A weepy Michel is just...wrong on many levels. XD Yup, and luckily, Michel's ironic House is Arryn, the cool bird house. XD

    Yup, which is why I'm letting him be responsible for his own moves and allow me to give my opinions. XD I was once a very proud kid too, much, much worse. I'm definitely going to be more firm with him. XD I wouldn't want him to get on everyone's nerves eventually. It would make him...insufferable. XD I wouldn't want him to make enemies either. XD
    There were 12.

    I know, it is. Especially early rounds where it's all.

    Person 1: Hidden Power
    Everyone else: Use Hidden Power to block the other Hidden Powers


    Person 1: Round/Echoed Voice/Sound based move!
    Everyone else: Use Round/Echoed Voice/Sound based move to counter the others.

    Or even

    Person 1: Use Ominous/Silver/Icy Wind/ Blizzard
    Everyone Else: Use a Wind based move to block the other wind based moves.

    I get why it's done, but it gets irritating. >_>

    Still fun though.
    Yes! XD Bring in Violent Drunk "I am not male! Why did Michel get a female totem? ARRRGGHHH!" Carly. XD Then once she's knocked out cold and taken care of, somebody (Maybe Kess?) should explain to the elders "Umm...she's a recovering alcoholic. It had to be done." XD I will resume work on the collections too. XD Decided that Carly's ironic Game of Thrones house would have to be Tully instead of Stark, as I just realized that she has a wolf totem after all, so Stark wouldn't be too ironic. XD Plus, I like that Tully slightly references Carly's old look with the blue eyes. XD Plus, all those bright colors would make Carly shudder. XD

    Well, I kinda was recruiting for the RP and thus, I have this strange...well, sister instinct that I may be partially responsible that can get pretty weird. XD He's 13, still a bit of a kid, so I kinda saw that coming. >.< If I'm more gentle but firm, he'll listen to me...and he's kinda listening now. XD I honestly expected him to read his material, which is why I just presented to him the wiki so that he'll take matters in his own hands and decide his attacks. Hell, I honestly didn't read much when I first joined Zinc's Persona, but I kinda made it work, I only started reading material when I was slammed with the terms "Bufu", "Mudo" and the like. XD I'll take care of him, I know I could...I did take care of DVB and helped him control himself after all. XD
    Well, since I've started doing it anyway. It's popular to change your avatar to match the Pokemon your using.

    I made it to fifth place, best I've ever done so far. xD (Not counting practice ones.)

    I'm sure you've seen the thread? If you can't do ASB, this one is worse. 12 Mons battling at the same time!
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