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  • Well, Alistair with his roses ended up with Tyrell. XD Nick with his moneyz fits Lannister. XD Dani's the Targaryen, Carina with her fishy Persona is easily a Tully. XD Janna, with her canine associations got shipped to Stark...or if Minor Houses are to be considered...Clegane, obviously. XD

    How's your post coming along? Epic, I presume. XD It would be fun to see Cesaire know some of his groupmates because he saw their PJs. XD I don't know how many would be embarrassed and how many would be amused. XD
    I don't know if I can call Leo a Sportsnut. He wasn't into them until high school, and he really only got into them to make friends, and not be a wimp and get bullied all the time. Otherwise, a lot of those things are similar. |D

    Lol, Scott's the only other male character besides Leo on that list. xD I should find a place for him somewhere. (BTW, I'll let you in on a secret, when he was originally made, Scott was loosely based on me IRL. :p (It's perfectly possible to have an Author Avatar character, and not be a blatant Mary Sue, unlike some people. >_>) Though, he kinda evolved into his own character at some point. Now, he basically only shares my first name, and taste in Pokemon. I certainly don't dress the way he does.)

    Aaaand Divine is officially dead. Now I have to wait for another Gijinka RP to use Shandy in. (The right kind of RP too. Shandy doesn't fit in just anything.) -_- Leo's easy to incorporate into other things, that's why I reuse him so much, Shandy isn't. :/ She didn't even get to trap someone with Shadow Tag. *Shrugs* Eh, it happens.
    Yeah, I meant the characters for Mia. XD In terms of players, yeah, probably not. XD

    Yeah, I'll keep my watch. If anything surfaces that may involve forcing, I have to take action. XD He listened last time, too. Hopefully, nothing goes wrong this time around. >.<

    I looked over at Group 1's members again and saw that all 5 did fit some Major Houses nicely. XD
    Oh wait..."waitress". XD *facepalm* How could I forget? XD

    Hell, I can tell you that even Janna would probably be hated a lot, especially with her underage drinking and her ways. XD I remember in FM's Adventures in Niyon RP...everyone hated Mia at first. XD

    Yeah. XD I hope it doesn't happen again. With my luck though...I have a bad feeling that it may be in the process of happening. (Check out what you need to...you know what I speak of.)
    Yay! XD I wonder what would Dani's first impressions of Alistair and Janna be? X) And Cesaire with his other mates?

    Oh yeah, forgot about Ian. XD He's definitely a Slytherin! How about Nurse? Hufflepuff, right? XD For the convoy mission...I hope more people post too! I guess if many quit, you can ask AA if you can bunny their characters.

    I understand you. After all, not all characters are supposed to be universally well-liked! XD

    I hope he doesn't force any female character on his character anymore. >.< I feel sorry for those who are being directed and targeted by him. >.<
    Aww, take your time! XD It's all worth it anyway, to see the Mad Doctor. XD

    Ironic, isn't it? XD Kris is the same kind of Ravenclaw as Theresa, unconventional but could still fit. XD Some people would argue that Theresa is more the Snake or the Lion, but I can definitely see the Eagle in her...she is proud as an eagle after all. XD I read over Alex's SU and yeah, my Gryffindor hunch was right. XD

    Ohh...Alyssa? >.< Well, I must admit that there is a bit too much drama, but if I'm not mistaken, CandleReaper is much younger than Y-K-W, he still has room to grown and he'll definitely learn. XD Well, from what I know about him, at least he's open to ideas and anyone who can help him. Well, at least Alyssa is not one to play perfect and virtuous. XD
    Well, if things get serious enough, Leo might do it. 8P So, what was he like before all those deaths happened? I'm willing to guess he was like Leo now? xD

    Another random statistic, in every RPG you've used a female, I've used Leo. When I used a female, you use a male. (BRS, and the Ultimates being the exceptions.)

    Adventures in Niiyon: Selena - Emil

    Project Oracia: Shandy - Cio

    The Ultimates: Scott - Raviv (I'm sure I mispelled it...)

    TTN: Leo and Claire - Rahel

    BRS: Crimson Flame - Miasma

    Alternate: The Uprising: (Avenger Angel's Gijinka RP who's full name I can't remember...) Mimi - Kris

    Digimon Y2KV: Fiona - Flynn

    Crimson Moon: Leo - Dani

    Divine: Leo & Shandy - Stin

    Digimon The New Order: Leo - Hitomi

    Digimon: The Tributes: Lilly - Ren

    Team Elite: Leo - Kris & Dr. Valentine

    Persona: Fallen Paradise: Leo & Lilly - Cesaire & Dani

    And I'm sure I'm forgetting some too. Good lord, Leo has done so much. xD
    Guess what? Janine's alone in the room now. XD Get those samples done and Dr. Valentine now has her "operating room" and a patient! XD Or, you can have her bump into Theresa and Alex, and perhaps...drug Theresa? XD

    Lot of Slytherin for you, huh? For me, it leans towards Gryffindor with some Slytherins and Ravenclaws. I usually play the Ravenclaw when it comes to Avenger Angel's RPs. XD Theresa's not even a conventional, book-smart Ravenclaw too...rough around the edges, bad-tempered, not particularly gifted academically, but naturally street-smart, practical and comparatively more sensible than Janine. XD Unconventional, but could fit the bird house. XD Besides, it's probably fun if Dr. Valentine was a Slytherin, Alex a Gryffindor, Janine a Hufflepuff and Theresa a Ravenclaw...unless of course, Alex is closer to a Ravenclaw, but then...it's only Janine who has none of that bird house in her. XD

    Wait, who's the other character in Group 3 you don't like? >.< I think Diego is one....but who's the other?
    The only thing that annoys me about Cesaire is the constant "You won't need *Insert random thing here* In the afterlife." line >_> It makes me want to slap him. You know what Cessy, you won't need to talk in the afterlife either, be quiet. (Admittedly, I haven't read his Sign Up all that thoroughly.)

    If all the deaths in her life were toned down, I'd be fine. (Particularly the foster parents.) It's too much as is. :/ CandleReaper is relatively new to this, though...

    I generally avoid the tragic backstories, and people angsting about them. They usually just annoy me. :/ Shandy Lure (As she's normally played, not in Divine.) Is the closest I ever came. She's just a case of bad powers, good people.
    In other words, she'd be the Type B Tsundere.

    Maybe, I haven't thought about it all that much. I'm sure it would be. Leo and Cesaire are in the same group now, he hasn't heard about him before, He'll be suspicious because its his sister he's hanging out with and well yeah...

    Alright! School starts next week for me. 8P

    BTW, who's the other character in Group 3 you don't care for? I figured Diego is one of them. I'm guessing it's Alyssa? I didn't like her Personality/History either. :/
    Yeah, that was the meaning I was going for. The Latin word for "wolf". XD But a strange double-meaning for some can add hilarity. XD

    Most would be in Slytherin, huh? Sofiya was a Ravenclaw/Slytherin, right? XD I'd be inclined to think that Dr. Valentine is either a Slytherin or a Ravenclaw gone all wrong too. XD Janine is of course, a Hufflepuff or a Slytherin. Theresa, despite her lack of educational attainments, can actually have a shot at Ravenclaw.

    Oh, god...if Janine were to be left alone in the room, Dr. Valentine would take her! XD Aww...Dr. Valentine is so much fun. XD A breath of fresh air from the usual doctors. XD

    Yeah, I like Group One too...with its Blonde, Brunette, Redhead females. XD Well, luckily for you, Group Three filled up quickly. >.<
    I'd say a mix of the two, though I don't see how that would work.

    Maybe one can see the other viewing the site they play on? (Having them arrange to meet on the internet seems creepy, and I don't think she'd arrange to meet someone she met online in real life... Besides, if Leo thinks I'm a pedophile, he won't like Cesaire either. :p Although, he wasn't really serious about the pedophile part, he was just making a point.)

    I would like there to be more than two people in this group, but that seems unlikely at this point... Stalking around town seems like the best thing. (Because I can't think of anything else.) Hopefully, one of us will get infected and get a form we can put to use.
    Leo/Cavity is disturbing, but I find Leo/Sweettooth adorable. <3

    Even if it is one-sided. xD Lol (Though Cavity practically had her hands all over him when she was kidnapping him. :p)
    Yay, I'm right I should have been more certain since used everyone equally except Naoto (I used a little less) since I didn't get the social link until at the end of the game. And I couldn't have Naoto there not protecting my character from death blows at least XD

    Oh really, oh well Cleffa still counts in my book of shinies, tis too bad they're trapped in Crystal, I would send them to a more recent game but I simply can't; they can't even go into Red/Blue/Yellow game. It is too bad Zuzu was totally a guy as I remember thinking I had two guy Zubats. I never got the chance to go back and train him. The only shinies I've wanted is the Silver Ninetales, Black Charizard, and Pink (male) Sneasel. But I've never try to shiny hunt mostly because I lack the patience, secondly it just seems like an heartless thing to do. You're mass breeding pokemon in search for a special one and throwing the rest of the back into the wild. And that baby is probably scarred for life thinking it was abandon because he wasn't good enough... Hehe, I made a pokemon with that history once, he was mass bred as the trainer was looking for one with the best stats and he wasn't definitely wasn't the one so he was let go. So I guess if I keep trying to naturally find one my chances are lower but then they feel more special. I hate exploding more than roaring... at least I don't have to rush them to the Pokemon Center when the pokemon roars.

    My brother and I were having a rare pokemon talk recently about how we wish we didn't have to evolved for them to get really strong. He said he preferred Dragonair but since Dragonite is so much stronger he evolved it. If I didn't have to evolved and they could still but up to par with a fully evolved pokemon there are some pokemon I would keep in their lower forms. I actually like Zigzagoon more than Linoone (I still like though) but Linoone is clearly stronger... I try to make up for it by turning my Zigzagoon into a cute contest champion.
    I figured that, that's why I striked it out. xD I don't know about sick/bloody games, but maybe some kind of conversation about weapons/killing things could come up? Lilly's a Bow and Arrow girl. :p (I would've gone with that as her weapon if Nodoka didn't already have it. If guns were allowed, she'd go for that. xD)

    So they do. BD I'll reply to that when I get home.

    Edit: Posted. Now, what should they do once they get there/on the way there?
    Yeah, I don't think she'd like the wolf head. XD That's probably the creepiest part of Janna's bedroom. XD The skulls are all painted black too. XD For a stark contrast, I decided that Lupus had to be white, something very surprising against her dark room. XD Plus, it contrasts with its seemingly disease-based name (Well, he wasn't named after a disease, but after something else, but the disease kinda pops in almost everyone's mind.). I think it's because Ian's the Devil and he should have an allusion to that fact. XD Anything goes for the Devil, considering...yeah...

    Ohh, now I get it! Ambition...yes, that's definitely a Slytherin thing! XD Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Gryffindor are tied for my favorites, I just like Hufflepuff a little less because of the strange yellow House color. I mean, I'd like to think that Hufflepuff's badger was meant to be a Honey Badger (That YouTube video), but that strange yellow...ugh. >.< Gryffindor, huh? XD Now that I think about it...it really does fit a lot, considering Janna isn't exactly cunning nor is she ambitious enough like a Slytherin, but she has a lot of nerve and is brave in more than one way just like a Gryffindor. Her tendencies to be a quite reckless and unafraid to bend rules also points to Gryffindor. XD No Hufflepuff because she isn't very hardworking, she doesn't play by the rules and it's a bit too..."light", and obviously no Ravenclaw because...she's definitely not smart. XD My Slytherin character is probably...Nochi. XD Closest thing to a "fish" house we have...too bad there's none of that. XD Carly fit the Gryffindor the most among the 4 Houses, but the Slytherin colors looked best on her, as she's a redhead. Just like Dani.

    Oh, my...I definitely need that happening! XD Drug Pit "accidentally" releasing stuff on Nochi, which causes her to experience some form of Mushroom Samba? Yes please!
    Thanks. Lol, you too. Miasma is an unfortunate victim of the Worf effect. 8P

    That should happen! I have no idea what her username would be, though. Or what type of RP they'd both join. Maybe a Pokemon one? Or a Persona RP if it exists as a Video Game in this universe.

    You probably have. 8P

    BTW, you can probably expect Leo to join Kris in Team Elite.

    I'll get that post up when my internet connection decides to cooperate with me, and stops disconnecting me every few minutes.
    Well, even worse, it's a goth bedroom. XD Black as the main color with the only other color being either dark red or dark purple, which alternates with black on her chessboard-like marble flooring only. Four-poster bed, black satin sheets, black furniture, skull decor on the nightstands, gothic theme, a lot of dark-colored perfume bottles (Mostly for covering up any alcohol and tobacco scents), and a black pelt rug. Right on the wall facing Janna's bed would be a faux-taxidermy black wolf head (Not the real thing, but realistic-looking). Lupus is a white Northern Inuit (Like this: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2010/138/7/9/Northern_Inuit_Dog_9_by_genisisone.jpg) which may prompt Dani to ask "Is that even a dog?" XD Dani can also complain about how she couldn't sleep because "the head's watching her" or "the skulls are watching her". XD

    If one of the maids enters the room, you can have Dani demand for something with a lot of melted cheese. XD Neither of the Mortensens can cook well after all. XD Ah, the complains have to be numerous and perhaps exaggerated. XD You can even claim that Janna has a mutt or an illegally captured pet in her own bedroom (Perhaps a "pet mutt"?). XD It isn't as scary as Ian's pet though...that guy has a Black Mamba! XD

    Both Cesaire and Dani are Slytherins? Man, I expected Cesaire, but not Dani! XD I don't know really about Janna, does she seem more Slytherin or Gryffindor? XD

    Yay! XD The doctor did arrive as Theresa predicted and warned. Now...it's time for the chase later on! Even if Theresa can now fly...she's still slower than Janine, because her combination of Pokemon yields a slower average speed. XD I'll be posting in a while. XD
    I think I know a fun scenario when her zipper should break. Everyone should be in the same place when they get to Avalon, so when they wake up, they'll still be in the same place. XD Janna would offer to take Dani home with her for the night (Father is usually not around) so she could fix her zipper up. Dani gets to sleep in Janna's room while the latter sews. XD Dani could complain about why the room is all black and why Janna keeps a dog seemingly named after a disease (Lupus) inside. XD Janna may tell her to sleep, but Dani is pretty restless, asking every minute about whether it's done yet, when Janna is still picking out an appropriate zipper and thread. XD Dani can eventually sleep, but not before asking several times. XD

    If anyone asks Dani how Janna's house was like...have her insult it defensively. XD (Hideous! Creepy! XD)
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