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Last Activity:
Aug 31, 2014
May 5, 2014
Likes Received:
Unemployed at the moment. Just finished high schoo

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Johtos Finest!, from Sweden

GoldenR418 was last seen:
Aug 31, 2014
    1. DJSummers
      I have that Charmander still if you even still want it.
    2. Dew Watatsumi
      Dew Watatsumi
      Golden, as the new co leader of the masters league, I'm contating those whose been away for over a week or more. I know school is in session and all, but it would be nice if you're able to stop in the masters league evey now and then. there are still some leaders that are waiting to be challenged by you such as myself as seen here


      Please come soon. And be sure to bring more future challengers if you like


      Edit: You could apply as one of the vacant leader spots
    3. dragontamer44722
      sorry to see you drop, but hopefully you can catch the next one.
    4. broomstig
      Good battle (:
    5. broomstig
      Really? Thats weird, well we have to play again in any case
    6. broomstig
      Because it was very early on, in the interest of fairness I think we should replay the battle as it played out since we didnt get far in
    7. broomstig
      When the connection drops it gives a message, if it gives a long winded message then its your connection, if its just a one liner saying 'The connection with the other player has been lost' it means that the problem lies with the other person, which is what just happened with me. You dont always go offline afterwards btw
    8. broomstig
      You DCed, it was your end so I dont know...
    9. broomstig
      Im online now, you good to go?
    10. broomstig
      Ok (: done! Will head online for the battle
    11. broomstig
      Youre against me (: almost ready now, just got to evolve something and Ill be good to go!
    12. dragontamer44722
    13. Dew Watatsumi
      Dew Watatsumi
      the post was already edited
    14. FairyWitch
      yes that means that i can't battle just look at the league and see if i posted open then message me right now its closed alright going to bed night
    15. FairyWitch
      the only league i am in now is master league so i take its master league which the dragon's den league and pixel dreams league is closed. I will be closing up gym though becuase its late where i am at and I have work.
    16. cryuel
      Hez Golden, that's because you're quite late and it's Round 3 right now. Your opponent will be Pokemonmadness 8 who got a free round since our number of participants is uneven. Please PM/VM him directly, and please, please, please update your post, so no multi posting during the tournament.
    17. TheShoveler1887
      Okay, stop bothering me. I don't have anything forcing me to accept your requests. Maybe if you stop spamming me and get over yourself, I'll consider accepting a challenge you may have when I officially open my gym.
    18. SkullKidGod
      I finish my Round 2 battle. You're my last opponent. You have to explain me how invite to battle in PS as i dont know how. I already create my random team so let me know when u can.
    19. Dew Watatsumi
      Dew Watatsumi
      I already did. Look on the post where i opened my gym
    20. KenKong
      Just reminding to post a battle result :)
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    Unemployed at the moment. Just finished high schoo
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo Network ID:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    0430 8542 7273
    Glad to meet ya :D

    Gaming and eating food!


    Pokemon Y friend code: 0430-8542-7273
    In game name: Roni

    Pokegyms badge count: 13

    Master league badge count: 14

    Trinity league badge count: 11