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  • Hey, about Team Pride, if our Pokemon is 'infused', are they combined with us, or do they still exist, but we just get their powers?
    999 never gave me any nightmares but it did give me the "OMG that's terrible" look as well as made it hard to sleep with the images in my head. I dislike how Junpei like to describe the gory scenes in front of him with much details. I still, however, like the game's funny comments and the whole trying to discover why you are the ship.

    Okay the new changes have explain what I wanted to know so all I got to do is add a little more to it, proofread it a dozen times and then I'll be good to post. I'm not going to change my pokemon choice because the pokemon just happens to fit my character fine.
    I've played 999 and got all the endings... there real is only one good ending. Anyways distracted there is something I wanted to ask.

    Question: I've done quite a bit of my sign-up and I was wondering... Do I add any changes cause my being fused with my pokemon in my sign-up or do it later when it happens?
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