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  • Hey, I was just wondering, are you going to try and get a discussion thread going for DSA? I honestly am just exciting for the images that you said our characters will be getting.
    I'm surprised honestly...

    Ye kinda is >->. I meant in terms of personailty, not responsibilities. Besides I see Hua being the mother pfft *smacked*
    Did I get Al and Hua in character?

    Exactly. THat was the best I could do with her proper lady side. I'm sure she's only playing to be the only sane man, considering Al is basically a male version of her mother
    Hey Sempai~ Can you tell me if my post with Sakura-chan is okay?

    Don't have Skype access .-.
    Pokemon is fun. I played my sapphire game for the battle tower again just yesterday! :3

    Ooooo professor layton. How chalanging is he?
    Heeheehee i'm actually 22. But such a sweet comment!


    Umn. what are your interests?? *curious*

    Ship Yea, they do sound like a good pair

    I'll ask around the usual crew, alright Sempai?
    Sakura looks so Kawaii *dies from cuteness*

    Sounds perfect XD, Sakura will most likely have a cherry blossem design on hers and light pinks. She's a mixture of a Social Butterfly/Free Spirit and a traditional japanese woman.
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