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  • I am Back! Long time no see huh? Well we got alot of catching up to do. I hope we can get the USL up and running this time.
    Nah I didnt delete it, I got plat (h)
    Anywho, you copied the fc wrong, I get an error when I add it.
    Get your glasses! xD
    Probably seen me talk on here (I have had run ins with Haunter).

    You also commented on one of my teams on Smogon (I am Unholy Calamity there)
    I read your post against Hauntershadow.

    Honestly you are doing a great job, keep it up.
    Whatever. If you want to be banned, then go ahead. And even if I reported that, you wouldn't get an infraction. Flaming is a better way to get infractions.
    ha ha yeah i saw her again last night it was pretty awesome but today she went back to her family for christmas, on thursday, I'm flying back to my town for the same reasons
    no goldfan you dont even know

    ok this girl that I hang out with all the time, we're like pretty much clones, we like the same food, games, use the same saying etc, and we're watching this movie and she starts inching closer and then eventually we're like cuddling and stuff, and then she tells me she's always liked me which is pretty awesome cause she's hot and easy to talk to... so then at like 3 in the morning I realize we'd fallen asleep on the couch, and then she wakes up like 10 mins later and asked me to sleep with her

    so yeah, I'm totally confused right now and yeah, no time for smogon right now lol
    ok cool. man, my life is so strange right now I don't even know whats going on, lol

    but yeah, see you later :p
    I dunno, he doesn't come across as very smart. He ****ed up the Scizor analysis by being stubborn and having U-Turn on the SWORDS DANCE set, ugh, I just don't like him and I'm sad because everyone kisses his ***.
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