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  • Miips, I will be unable for awhile to trade for them. perhaps a week from now. Is the gligar or sharpedo (cant spell lower evo) female?
    Well, universities are always looking for professors, I'm sure...and museums for lab workers...if nothing else, CRM firms are constantly in need of people (CRM is Cultural Resource Management...a type of archaeology done before major construction projects to make sure they don't destroy any historical resources). CRM isn't my top choice, but it'd be something.
    Bones, artifacts, that sort of stuff xD Interpret structural paintings when appropriate (I'm planning to do the Classics, so that won't apply to me but so much)
    We've only won a single war so far xD And it was by timeout.

    And I'm doing Archaeology now, actually...I'm enjoying it though ^_^
    Hey, I got some good news. We've got a snow day today so I will defintly be able to trade. Nevermind the last VM. If you can send me one with the exact time you want to trade and your timezone number I will be on.
    I am able to trade tomorrow but I dont even get home till an hour after you sent that last VM. So as soon as i get home ill try to be on. I hope that you are still able to trade at that time. :)
    Ron Paul is a republican, and he actually is getting pretty good funding, mainly from U.S war veterans and soldiers.I love the T-shirt you can buy from his site that says "Ron Paul - Re[Love]ution ^^ I've actually seen a lot of bumper stickers that say that to. xD
    They still would use them, because it cuts down on the time. It makes them feel... unstoppable, you know? The only way I can beat them is because of this site, knowledge of the game mechanics, and psychological warfare. How is breeding going on with you?
    Well, we got quite a but of snow last winter, but all snow we get is too liquidy and you can't really do anything in it. :/
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