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  • team: starmie, salamence, lucario, breloom, volcarona, porygon2, and subing is toxicroak; I am not so sure I can win miips, they are mostly action replayers
    Hello madam, how are you? Do you have by any chance a F [M is also okay] Mawile [4th gen games] that I can borrow jut for a few breedings? If you need it i'll bring it back ofcourse.
    I am buiding a team on my DS since the beginning of my inactivity in Decemeber. My friends are holding a little tourny in april, I have gotta win
    I think a gay person would be an excellent representative of your country, just as one of the men who have been cheating on their wives, want to raise our taxes and go to war with iraq would make lovely representatives of our country.
    My favourite candidate is Ron Paul, but the media is trying to discredit him at every turn. They hardly pay any attention to him, and whenever he is mentioned their always saying something bad about him.
    I like him because he doesn't have any scandals to name, and I highly doubt he does, he wants to lower America's taxes, he is pro homeschooling (Yay!) He is against war (Make love, not war) And seven though he seems kind of old, he's really quite a good candidate, and despite the way the mainstream media bashes him, many people are voting for Ron Paul now. (I hope he wins the election!) :D
    I've been doing good, I've had a lot of homework to do, and I've been experimenting with making custom sprites and I've been getting better at my video game music remixes.
    It's starting to get really hot down here, even though it's only February.
    How are things in Finland?
    God, I love skiing. I want to try snowboarding. The bad thing is, we've gotten no snow this year D:
    The Smithsonian is one of the largest museums in the world. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a tomb dedicated to all anonymous soldiers who died in wars.
    Not much. Going to Washington, DC next week and doin a bunch of stuffs. The flu sucks. Everytime I get I can't take the medecine because I throw up :L
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