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  • I'd love that too, plus it'd be unique having a Fire/Ground starter (and would complete the trio with Swampert and Torterra). Same, I don't care about the typing of the starter since I already like their designs anyway, but it gets annoying hearing about how X type is better for this starter than Y because...etc. Come to think of it, I haven't seen x96 either. Indeed, the games are awesome, can't wait to play 'em and transfer all my gen V pokemon and see how they look in 3D :D
    Wow...I mean Fennekin as Fire/Ground as plausible as Fire/Psychic considering that IIRC Fennec Foxes are also desert foxes? So it does make sense. It also sounds like a cool combo: I mean imagine if it was a special attacker spamming Flamethrower and Earth Power. Or even a physical attacker spamming Fire Punch/Flare Blitz and Earthquake. That's a way cooler type combo than Fire/Psychic. The problem I have with him and what you just said about the trailer is that too many people assume that the trailer showing the starter using non-starter type moves means that it guarantees the secondary type. Which is frustrating considering that we don't even know what some of the moves are (people saying Fennekin uses Growl/Psywave/Confusion/etc, and Froakie using Acrobatics/Close Combat...way too chaotic =S), let alone if we EVEN going get a secondary type.

    It's funny because I too originally thought it was Night Slash when I first saw the trailer...it wasn't til the AA vs. NS/SC debate began that I actually took AA into consideration and found out that the moves were way too similar to be Night Slash or Shadow Claw.
    Oh my...it's nothing short of extremely frustrating. If it's not the perfect triangle to him, it's a terrible idea. I don't like shutting down people since we barely know what's going to happen in this game...so really, anything could happen. It's getting to a point where I kinda hope GF give us something other than Dark/Psychic/Fighting (fire/fighting LOL) just so I could see him get pissed off. Also, like you said, he always shrugs off the evidence for AA, but when I start to ask him questions about why the trailer doesn't have this particular trait from NS or SC, or how AA is the only move that has the unique background (IIRC Wish and Cosmic Power/Stored and Hidden Power have similar animations). he just ignores it lol. Really poor argumentation. I mean, I wouldn't mind if it's SC/NS as long as you're convincing about it. But right now, AA is more convincing.
    Coil boosts the Attack,Defense,and Accuracy stat by one stage.

    For Which Game?

    Your Lucky
    Johto and Hoenn was my Favorite Series including Kanto. Enjoy. :)
    Yeah they do.
    Sceptile and Serperior are Monsters and are in my Top Ten for favorite Pokemon.

    Too Bad Serperior has a weak Movepool. :(
    I know its so hard to Choose.

    SoulSilver is my Favorite Game.
    I just finish beating the E4 in White 2 now Im in the Pokemon Studio's trying to finish it. :)
    Yeah :)
    My favorites are
    Pokemon The First Movie
    Pokemon 2000
    Pokemon 3 The Movie Spell of the Unknown
    Pokemon Heroes Latios and Latias
    Pokemon Lucario and The Mystery of Mew

    There all Great. :)
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