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  • The banner in my sig wasn't made by me btw :p
    Could you please say which pokemon you want ? ( there are too many water pokemon to choose from ). Also, is it okay that I will use the Dreamworld Art for the pokemon ?
    haha yea i know i saw a vid of a mankey using it and then realized that primeape could learn it too lol

    i mean like there's counters for all these pokemon but that means that every team will pretty much have the same pokemon and that's wat i dont like about the way smogon is changing uu. for example, i'd use hitmonlee but everone else uses him so i choose to use primeape instead. oh and yea a close combat still wouldnt kill that rhyperior cus of its high defense, probably 2ko though
    i would've taken the close combat well but im assuming ur infernape has a strong fighting move so that probabyl would've taken swampert out. meh i think blaziken would've died from two mach punches so i think that didnt matter lol

    oh yea rhyperior went down to uu also. i mean its not that good but i think it's way too strong for uu maybe bl. plus i was just about to make a rhydon for uu and now it just seems kinda pointless. aah i hope smogon crashes down haha
    haha that's soo cool because blastoise was my first pokemon that I considered i ev'd right
    and yea i didnt worry about sr that much either

    yea i wish wow would've missed cus it would've made the game more interesting. althuogh probably would've won anyways. the hax u got werent "big" so they didnt really do anything so its all good haha

    i know alakazam uu is just wrong. they should've moved yanmega up to BL at least not bring down a super strong ou down to uu
    i really think they're trying to discourage UU. smogon that is
    i hate that website too lol
    o my goodness that crit mattered so much!
    lol jk
    gg man

    i thoght blastoise had rpid spin, protect, surf, and toxic that's y i ddanced oh well lol
    yea man that sounds good
    i got like 4-5 uu teams i think so anytime (not right now im gonna be trading) u wanna uu then lemme know
    haha yea i just put that team together like an hour ago. my friend just gave me that arcanine and ursaring so i tried to put in a team that could somehow function ok
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