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Last Activity:
Mar 14, 2011
Sep 17, 2009
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Better Than Thou

GolemGuy was last seen:
Mar 14, 2011
    1. Vycksta
      As a result of inactivity between March 14 and the time of this message, your claim on Shelgon on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
    2. TheFightingPikachu
      Hey GolemGuy! I haven't messaged you in...ever, but I'd like to let you know about an interesting tournament that is short on members. (Oh, and don't worry about the first post indicating sign-ups are over; we don't have enough battlers for sign-ups to be over.) If you'd like to battle, we'd be glad to have you!
    3. DarkMammoth
      Maybe you just suck at training. :P My Infernape kills pretty much everything.

      And Infernape stole Blaziken's thunder 'cuz Blaziken sucks. >:3
    4. BlitzBlast
      How's Jobs supposed to make iPhones if we don't have any metal or plastic or whatever left to make it out of? Huh?
      I thought it was a well known fact that, like how a dragon's dung is a diamond, Steve Jobs sh*ts out iPhones.
    5. Noctourniquet
      Would you please stop bawwing in that thread in IGRMT. If you don't like how we rate then don't get involved. We are simply asked to improve members' teams and that is what we do. It is up to the thread's maker how far they are willing to go to meet our suggestions. It's not our job to give poorer movesets in order to make their lives easier. I didn't post this in the thread because I don't want to stop a flame war but seriously. Stop being argumentative and realise that we do not control the people who make the teams, we only aim to help them.
    6. Manchee
      Hey, what happened to that Ever Grand Fic you posted? Did a mod delete it?
    7. xdragonx
      Of course. rosso1111 is in charge of the group, though--make sure to PM him for an invite.
    8. mockingjay
      Please do the elimination and choose a team leader!
    9. the jman
      the jman
      You never told me why you quit the club, but Anyways While I was going through the first page, I noticed your 5th to post, and You were a good member. I hope that you will rejoin sometime.
    10. the jman
      the jman
      why did you quit the forgotten pokemon club?
    11. Crymzon1980
      *shakes hand* I joined your Ground Pokemon Group, and posted a pic for you to check out
    12. swampertlover5712
      hey, i just realized you joined on my birthday. :) heehee.
    13. col_serra
      hey golem guy youre not the only one who wants a ruby/Sapphire remake
    14. Megalo
      Ok ill get online
    15. Megalo
      Can you trade now?
    16. Megalo
      Just vm me when you can trade.
    17. Megalo
      What is your fc?
    18. Megalo
      It is 1720 1928 3135.
    19. Megalo
      So what did you think about the deal with scizor or regigigas?
    20. j-master
      Hey, GolemGuy. I heard you were looking for an offensive Cresselia set so i posted one on the "ask a question" thread for you.
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    [​IMG]<---Mah SS team, which is clearly superior to all of yours. Credit goes to Gladeshadow of the Dark Valley Request Shop.

    Put this in your sig if you agree that Zoroark and his prevo are super ugly. (Started by GolemGuy)

    Put this in your signature if you think Ruby and Sapphire deserve remakes (started by Flare 64!)