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Oct 20, 2015
Mar 24, 2010
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Golemite was last seen:
Oct 20, 2015
    1. Elisa
      You don't take randoms? OK. :P
    2. NoteLobo
      well I had to try I suppose. Have fun with the site anyways!
    3. NoteLobo
      I out looking for new members to join Team Sky. Saw you didn't have any other clan associations and decided to take a shot at it!
    4. Sabertooth1000000000
    5. Sabertooth1000000000
      Thanks a lot! The only hard part was finding a space for every Pokemon. It was actually really fun and I recommend it to anyone who has enough major Pokemon on their games.
    6. Nightdawn
      Nice : )
      I played Elder Scrolls in the past, let it go at the moment and been trying some Shooters.
      To get some other flavours on my taste buds you know.
      Random encounter shiny is the most thrilling ones, at least for the first ones I got.
      I think it takes me about 250 hour game time for each Shiny at the moment.
      I can't see the charm in Chaining and such, Shiny should be something special right.
      I can honestly say my Crobat got crappy nature but I didn't mind I used him nonetheless.
      Never got a shiny in the third gen...wish I had, I loved that Generation.
    7. Nightdawn
      Yeah only use 5 in Silver so far, haven't been bothered with the sixth, it was a HM slave earlier but now it's just an empty slot.
      Yeah the age thing, I don´t know really I'm quite comfortable about who I am so I guess I never thought about it, just came naturally.
      I'm a RPG fan so, : ) Guess you like those kind of games as well.
      Battlefield 3 doesn't hurt either. ; P

      Yeah I met my Zubat at the Mt.Moon cave early in the game, was actually my first Zubat encounter.
      I guess that most caves and such in the older games involve Zubat as it's very common and over alot of generations that comes with it. I treasure my Crobat deeply, without it I wouldn't keep playing I guess. All my Shinies where random encounters and I'm pleased all of them where below level 20 so I could EV train alot : D

      i guess you also got some shiny ones? : J
    8. ShadowSplash
      It was pretty rare to happen, but if you were trading and the game glitched mid-trade, it sometimes erased your Pokemon. D:
    9. ShadowSplash
      Lol really? It seemed like I always glitched my game when I woud tap it or even just like breathe wrong near it hahaha.
    10. ShadowSplash
      Yeah. XD Those were also the days where barely bumping the cable would cause massive glitches and possible delete your Pokemon. .____________.
    11. ShadowSplash
      Lol I like your sig. Too bad I can't help, I have a perfect condition GBC link cable. :( Back in the day when it was big and bulky .. now everything is wireless. T___T Haha.
    12. Arceus94
      That sounds like a good idea (:
    13. Arceus94
      I did not understand half of that xD My english suck :S
      Explain a little further please? xP
    14. Arceus94
      Write a story about something n_n
    15. TheLegendaryArcanine
      howd you get that trainer card for your sig thats tight
    16. Hilijix
      Thanks for the compliment! Your happening was pretty well-written as well!
      Seriously, many Haunters and Gengars have Cursed against my Pidgeot already, kamikazing themself.
    17. Arceus94
      Your happenings in HG/SS is rather interesting to read (:
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    My current and FINAL Red team.
    I just can't start a new one since there are no Link Cables around these days. Requiscat in Pace! :´(
    (^ Okay, gotta admit it looks better in COLOR! :))