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  • hehe, its fine, i think the t-shirt needed to retire anyways lol
    It was literally an ancient relic just like my pikachu shoes hehe
    haha did you catch it with your red gyarados? jk :p
    Yes, it amazed me to hear a little spider speak fluent italian lol
    It was probably caring a little tub of "i cant believe its not butter" too haha jk jk
    Yes she does lol she surprises my ALOT haha
    whether it may be throwing away my favorite shoes...or t-shirt :'C
    *sniff sniff, i'll always love my pinapple tee*
    Hahaha, i think your gunna have to check with Arceus 1st on that hehe,
    whats next, time itself? :p jk
    How did you know?! i could have sworn it had an accent too lol
    LOL, I think my mom beat you to that.....i didnt find them by my bedside the next day
    :'C it had pikachu on them lol (mind i was about 4 haha)
    haha raising a bowl army i see? niice you can check off world domination on your list of to do's haha jk jk
    i know right? i got inspired by a "i cant believe its not butter" commercial haha
    Lol, THAT must be annoying haha
    i had squeakie shoes once...lol i would try to walk real slow but it would make things worse sounded like this "Squuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaakkk" -.-;
    haha you'll be unbeatable at it, no one can top that lol
    i know :'C i even named him Fabio lol
    LOL i just got a mental image hahaha
    "today class *squeak* we are going *squeal* to learn about the *squeak* cell cycle! *squeal* *squeak*" lol jk
    haha, look at the bright side, you'll be a pro at making bowls ^-^
    my eng. teacher is pretty cool...except she uses our tests to swat random bugs that seem to crawl in from somewhere... o_O *R.I.P mr. spider*
    Say what?! uh-uh, now that is just cruel yup yup
    well, i just had to study for finals, ill blame my dsi for distracting me a bit lol jk
    Its quite fun if you enjoy it ^-^
    of course if i make something out of clay it'll still look like a blob nothingness after lol
    im not that good with clay..maybe a lil
    I dont like my teacher either -.-; she gives out waay too much hw to our liking
    its about 5 pages worth of hw each day ....o well lol
    well, at least it isnt as disqusting as health yup yup
    art, we just have to write an essay about one of our artwork, piece of cake ^-^
    That's cool. i got out at 12, since theres finals going on >.< works both ways haha
    just studying for a biology final tm
    art is going to be easy though ^-^
    They are very easy ^-^
    lol, i just do eliminating tehe ill EVENTUALLY get the answer that is reasonable lol
    oh jeez, i forgot it was my birthday tm -.-; lol that came fast....
    Thank you~ :)
    Yeah can you believe it, a latina thats not good at spanish -.-; haha jk
    my writing is like first grade level hehe
    the test wasnt hard by the way, it was all multi choice and 1 essay ^-^
    Hmm, you seem really good at it then haha
    truthfully it seems harder that lasts years class -.-;
    Just hoping i remember all these vocab words lol
    5 chapters worth...>.<
    Oh my. you REALLY do love stickers dont you? lol jk
    thats cool, im doing ok at the moment ^-^
    just studying for a spanish final tm
    all these conjugations sound quite similar for some reason....o_O hehe
    It would!! that mean countless rotom appliances for me LOL
    i got a WHOLE pack full of them >.<; haha who would say no to a freebie :p
    Lol i was like "huh...um ok thanks anyways'' and i just walked away hehehe
    so that is why i come on time hehe, in fear that i will get more stickers jk D:
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