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Last Activity:
Oct 13, 2012
Jan 19, 2011
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Good News, everyone!

GoodNews92 was last seen:
Oct 13, 2012
    1. zerozoner
      I have picked up your match vs deadlion and I need a PM of your two Pokemon along with orders
    2. Shuckle
      Hm. Could have sworn you did more than one notable, but that could be my imagination playing tricks on me, haha.
    3. Shuckle
      Man, I forgot to send the Honorary VM!

      I'm glad we get a chance to battle; after taking on the Britpack (Concept, DavetheFishGuy, etc.) I was seriously expecting you to go for the gold and try to challenge a couple of the even higher ups. It's nice to see that you're willing to stomp/risk losing to (depends on how the first several rounds go) an mere honorary mention ;)

      I will warn you though that I am horrible at everything PASBL so WATCH OUT I AM A DANGER TO MYSELF :P
    4. SwiftSoul
      Not a problem at all. Although part of it is that I want to see how one of the biggest threats around my level battles :)
    5. SwiftSoul
      I was on a hiatus when you were last on, but I have heard much about you. I'm Kairne, the current Bug Gym Trainer. It is nice to finally meet you.
    6. George~©
      You know its your turn to post in our Match.
    7. capitalh
      good news (lame pun) I have one, here it is for the ones i'm gonna use.

      Elder the male Tirtouga lvl 1
      at my hometown in Enterna city there was a strangely enough a tirtouga I wondered why Then I realized that he must have gotten here because of a fossil release program. I befriended him at a early age and instead of a starter I got a extra poke ball and caught him. The leader of the team he is friendly and can learn to get along.
      signature move water edge
      Like stone edge but with these differences
      1. more accuracy
      2. higher speed with projectiles
      3. .8 as much energy
      4. only considerable damage
      5. water type instead of rock

      Free Run the female Grovyle lvl 2
      special training parkor
      After living in a dense forest he had to learn how to move around so he could steal and run.

      mace the male ferroseed
      a normal catch in chargestone cave, he seems to likes texture but can't really touch them because of the whole spike thing.
      no sig

      quincy and shelly the female doduo lvl 1
      I found this rare catch in route 1 one day and really nothing too special about it but at least the two heads get along.
      no sig

      exoskel the male corphish lvl 1
      a corphish and thats about it. it is mainly unemotional and expressionless.
      no sig

      lavender the female budew lvl 1
      this budew is... well... a budew it is kinda quiet and emotionless.
      no sig
    8. Sarcastrophe
      Got a little on my plate, but I'm trying to get stuff done. Really. Just giving other things priority and I have little time for reffings, as stated in TA. So I'll get it done soon-ish, hopefully.
    9. Sarcastrophe
      Yeah, been a week so I'm writing up quick reffings tonight as the TA post stated.
    10. JustAnotherUser
      Sorry about my absence. I've not been paying this place enough attention.
    11. snowmonster
      oh sorry durr
      you already did :/
    12. snowmonster
      OK thanks
      could you post on the ref queue?
      i kinda don't know how yet
      ...sorry i am noob
    13. Roseheart95
    14. Roserade Raider
      Roserade Raider
      Hi! I just wanted to let you know that we have a new referee for our battle, Empoleon-Dynamite. Finally we can finish it up:)
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