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  • It's been so long, but there's a new Pokemon Degrassi! :) I hope maybe someday you will come back and join
    It's been quite a while since you last logged on, still remember you for being the first winner of Pokemon Universe!
    As a result of inactivity between September 11, 2010 and the time of this message, your claim on Politoed on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
    OMG Hi :D

    i'm reading Degrassi v5 and it's hilarious to see what Tori is doing to Bob and Laura!
    I'm really hoping her next video will be brighter and more fun, like Poker Face and Eh Eh (Nothing else I Can Say)
    I literally just got out of school today, can you believe it? I'm so happy and excited for summer
    I liked the video but... I think this was one video where she should've done it... a little more normal? O_O i was hoping for it to be like a black and white Mexican soap opera, but instead we got a video with gay nazis, a sexy nun, and lots of sexual content.. I'm still happy with it though :) cuz at least it looks pretty..

    what about the new pokemon?! :D I love Mamepato (obvious, but still)! It's so cute and bird like
    a lot of people here already like Tsutaja :( and... they said Mijumaru was ugly, which she isn't! O_O i wonder why i consider Pokabu and Mijumaru female? well Mijumaru was female on the video... and i just like Pokabu so
    damn i was on my ipod and i wrote a huge message. I'll keep it short and sweet this time:
    yeah but we were able to have a lot of snowdays, which i liked :) Tsutaja is so hard to remember how to spell. Mijumaru ais easy cuz it's fun to say! :D and Pokabu is the easiest. Let's compare these to the Johto starters. Mijumaru will be like Chikorita, not many people will like her :( which is sad cuz i love Mijumaru. Pokabu will be like Totodile, it will have a loyal fan base but still not the region favorite. And That leaves crappy thing like cyndaquil, 70% of people will pick it. Pokabu has already become my favorite starter. Just a few months ago, i fell in love with pigs, thanks to fruits basket manga and my love for a character who could turn into a pig. But i was excited when i first saw the pokemon's shadows. People thought Pokabu would be grass type. Psh, i always knew it would be a fire piggy and i was right! :D
    yeah, that's cuz i overuse both smiley faces :)D) and commas (,). Due to the extreme weather from this weather, it is sad to say that... i get out on exactly JUNE 30TH!! :mad: that means ALL June we're gonna be in school, but i'm not trying to complain, it's just like really? Oh yeah, which starter do you like?! I obvi like Pokabu, the piggy :) Mijumaru, the otter, is really cute too. The other thing is... okay..
    Going through a low again... But still trying to stay happy which I'm sure I can handle. ;)
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