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  • Nah I'm fine now, back to my old haPpy sunshine self :D
    there is a.... Secret place >_> but very secretive... I'll pm you later about it
    Does it really take long to reply? :( our precious degrassi is gone, along with all the fun games. Pretty sad I think.... Now it sucks
    i... i'm not feeling too good. Feeling depressed a lot. Though all about suicide for about a day then got over it but that little ping is still there. School's hell, friends suck, and serebii's uninteresting. I decided to join a teen anonymous website; said i needed to keep a journal or something... yeah riiiight. Been there done that blah blah blah.. the only thing keeping me sane is music; i owe my life to gaga and a fine frenzy.
    did you know that Teeth is the only song from the Fame Monster that has never been on the radio? :p
    Just expressing my love
    xD lmao she's such a loving mother! I watched the last season of the Bad Girls Club and it was good!
    i'm jealous of his shirt >.> i need one just like it. Yeah he was gay or he wants to be a girl.. the dad was the funniest part! xD you can't help but laugh
    thank you :]

    :eek: check this out! **
    i feel bad for the kid... but he's a fellow moster soo.... ^-^

    and Bad Romance is gonna be the most viewed youtube video ever soon, only a few 100,000 away. Bad Romance gets like 1,000,000 views a day.
    thank you! :D hehe no one has ruined anything yet, thank god. gotta try and edit my signature now!
    :O according to this website that sells lady gaga stuff, dance in the dark is gonna be a single!!
    I meant to say more...
    My dad's a painter and he usually works In Philly, maybe I can go to work with him or something?
    My friends little cousin loves Gaga, I was suprised when I found out that too!
    The name escapes me.. :3
    I don't think they're selling the tickets for philadelphia yet... And I checked the days she'd be here, school nights :I like my mom would let me go
    I wonder who that could be...? :) hehe... When Lady Gaga comes to Philly, I'mma get on a bus and just sit outside the Wachovia Center and wait for her... Well I hope for that :p
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