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  • i first heard of her in gym class, we had to run around and they played Just Dance. I liked it but i didn't like Poker Face. Then i went through the "Oh my gawd she's a man!" phase, which i highly regret :( but then in november i heard Paparazzi, which i loved (not anymore, too overplayed) and i was hooked. I gradually started listening to her songs, starting with bad romance (didn't like at first, but i love it now), Monster (i liked it, still do), Teeth (i loved it for some uknown reason), Speechless(thought it was good, saw it on the Ellen Show :3), So Happy I Could Die (i was hooked on it but now i'm normal again), Dance in the dark (loved it :D), Alejandro (loved this one too!), and Telephone (hated it at first, now i love it)

    why?! :O they should team up and beat Taylor Swift
    yeah, it's okay. i wish people knew more about her :(
    that was cool song! :D i guess i'll want wait for that album too!
    yeah! :D she has 6,000,000 fans on facebook and the child only has 3,000,000. Now stuff that in your juice box and suck it Bieber fans! >:D

    I ♥ this song I got her album today :)
    you know what i like about johto? team rocket is really believable. Like the Goldenrod radio tower was really good! so was the Slowpoke Well mission! Kanto is sorta the same way! but Hoenn and Sinnoh.... eh
    i've been really into Kanto lately... maybe i should put HeartGold on pause and whip out my LeafGreen!
    yeah Mawile, Skarmory, Empoleon, Magnezone, Aggron, and Steelix. :D A water team would be fun too! or a grass team! there's too many cool grass types in Johto, too bad they all learn the same moves :( That's a cool name for a Clefairy! :D it doesn't have to be a real name! Myrtle will murder Will, Koga, Karen, and Lance with her rollout! >:D
    hey look up this kid Jessarae on youtube. he makes justin Bieber look manly
    One day i wanna have an all steel type team.
    Myrtle is strong and sturdy, unlike Bellis the Xatu. She's strong but not sturdy ^-^;
    Well I kinda figure that since, you never reply back to me you don't wanna be friends or you don't like me.
    I ♥ Vulpix too! This gam i'm trying to use pokemon i've never used before whichis why i thought Natu wold be a neat idea! I named all my pokemon after flowers.

    Skiploom - Anemone
    Poliwhirl - Iris
    Sandslash - Aster
    Miltank - Myrtle
    Growlithe - Lilium
    Natu - Bellis

    i bet you were expecting Rose and Violet right? :) i used cool names
    Good point. Skiploom is flying but I need one that can learn fly... Any suggestions? How about... Natu? :)
    my sister gave me her HeartGold, so i'm playing that right now. I feel like my team's weak though... I'm in Ecruteak now and my team ish:

    Miltank (Myrtle) - 18
    Sandslash (Aster) - 23
    Poliwag (Iris) - 24
    Skiploom (Anemone) - 22

    that's my team... :|
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