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  • yeah, i relate animals to things i'm feeling :)

    hey, in the telephone video... i'm pretty sure Lady Gaga's sister, Natali, is in it. I think she's the girl who stood by the bars during the fight scene and we get a few close-ups of her...
    work or die

    we're all worker bees
    working till we die
    life, it's just a tease
    we'll never know why

    we all have our queen
    the mother of all
    no distance between
    she sets up the law

    we all do our work
    up until we're dead
    when alive we lurk
    in the flower bed

    the end of the day
    when we cannot fly
    we're worthless this way
    so we choose to die.

    That's why my avatar is combee :)
    I've been into poetry lately.. I wrote 4 poems in the last 2 days, including the one Lovrina used as the uni challenge
    It's just that... she's been disagreeing with me all week, so this isn't there first thing.
    Your team is really cool but I need to get a flying pokemon for my 6th one I was thinking about dragonite wbu ?
    Well how do I get to blaine and it is snorlax lv53
    Feraligator lv52
    Amphoros lv52
    Scizor lv52
    Red gyarados lv52 you? And I got 14 badges lol
    And today's lady gaga's birthday. My fried is seriously pissing me off. She's just trying to disagree with me cuz she hates ke now or something. I said "all those little kids voted for Taylor" she said "other people like her too"
    oh my mother ****ing god! taylor ****ing swift ****ing won both ****ing awards! Dammit! :mad: i'm so ****ing ******, i actually ****ing cried. It's not fair!!!!
    People just suck these days...
    Yeah, most of my friends are like me too. But some are whiny and moody... Others make fun of the preppy people with me. At my lunch period, my table is literally known as the goth/emo table O_O people throw stuff at our table and make fun of us but we all know we're smarter and more talented then them anyway.
    Damn preppy chicks... I hate them, they're like the 90s/early 00s version of the popular girls. They're usually ****ty, annoying, smart mouthed, have boyfriends over 21 years old (my ex friend is a perfect example of a dumb blonde prep) etc. I wish the guys were more like you, and I know that sounds reeeeeeeeeaaaaaalllllly strange but guys are all assholes these days.
    massive defense and good speed too!
    ooooh that's sad, but i see it all the time at my school. not a pretty sight
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