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  • Hey, you double posted on This thread here. just a friendly reminder! Because I'm really friendly.
    Try again in a month then. And stop the harassment. I won't accept you before then and it's part of the rules to respect and accept the leaders' decisions and not discuss guild matters by VM. So this argument is over. I won't answer any more VMs.
    I don't want to argue with you over VM. You may apply again after a month. We're probably the only guild that accepts casual players so if you can wait until then, it could be better for you than trying to buy a personal war. That's my final position. Meanwhile, read the threads and get to know how guilds work so you can contribute when you eventually join one.
    This doesn't mean you'll get immediately accepted though. Your attitude was not the best and we don't want problematic members, so we'll see when the time comes if we accept you or not.
    It's not that and you can do whatever you want. Your attitude doesn't improve your chances and I'm not going to argue with you over VM. And don't post again on the thread. You're not a member, you can't post in there other than the applications.
    You may have read them, but you missed the application again. I can't accept you yet. Wait some time, and try again in the future. I can't tell you what's missing because that's the whole point of it, to know who read all the rules. Good luck around here.
    Shinies include: Camerupt (not up for trade), Chingling, illegitimate Rotom and Misamagius, event Pichu, and event Creation and Beast trios. That's all I can remember without looking through my boxes.
    And I have an Arceus too. In fact I have all the Pokemon :V Minus the ones I gave to you.
    Good for you! And no, stuff like EV/IV isn't in the Summary. If you're really interested, I'd recommend Googling the phrases "pokemon effort value" and "Pokemon individual value". They're a little complicated
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