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    Stupid things that you thought/did with pokemon as a kid

    I got right into natures and EVs when I learned about them, but I still don't care about IVs. Resetting 10 times to get a Timid Lugia (and then transferring it to White before I could teach it Roost! aargh) is annoying enough and I don't want to do fancy breeding stuff :P IVs are where I draw...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    In White (still haven't beaten it)... "Hey, it's Thundurus!! I should attack it." "I sure hope it isn't a critical hit. That would really suck." "Uhh... if it's a critical hit... oh god..." Audino used Return! "please don't be a critical hit" It's a critical hit! Wild Thundurus fainted...
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    Stupid things that you thought/did with pokemon as a kid

    Back in Silver, I didn't know that the Kanto regions that were removed (Silph building, Safari Zone etc.) were totally inaccessible. I spent HOURS talking to the building guard with different teams holding random items in the hopes that SOMETHING would make him move. Also, I trusted my friend...
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    Could you play without Exp?

    My friend doesn't play Pokemon anyway, but if he did there would be a problem. I should be competent enough at Japanese to do a pre-order in time for the sixth generation, so... yay.
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    Illegal things you've always wanted to do. (Serious answers please?)

    Stick flaming bamboo in any jock on my bus' eye. ...after dousing him with acid. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA
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    Breakfast Food ;; When did it turn bad?

    Weetabix is my acceptable healthy breakfast. My rock-bottom indicator is actually calibrated on level of instant noodle consumption (per day) multiplied by how many minutes away from midnight I typically eat them. Therefore, the rockbottomometer will peak at college. Currently, it's at 1022.4.
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    I hold forks in my fist, and am now much better at eating that way than normal. (yes, like a baby.) I also have sudden spasms, but I think it's just my subconscious being a drama llama. It only happens when I'm cold mind you, and not that often, but I'll just be a little cold and then BAM...
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    Breakfast Food ;; When did it turn bad?

    The worst I ever eat for cereal (limited time in the morning - dammit late bedtimes) is Mini Wheats... about three boxes a year. And Life cereal clocks in at about 8 boxes. Otherwise, it's Rice Krispies, Weetabix, cornflakes, or Cheerios. On weekends, I have pancakes made from scratch sometimes...
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    Would life be different if Jesus had never been born?

    Um, my life would be completely unchanged. Oh, but the ad-hominem attack level on any science debate thread would decrease by about 80%.
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    anything exciting ever happen at your school?

    The dumpster started moving because it was windy. Oh right, the 12-year-old criminal kid dumped whiskey in everybody's soft drinks on the overnight trip just to get attention. He also rammed a football through the roof, tried to strangle me numerous times, and threw his binder at me, narrowly...
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    How Will The World End?

    Psst. Hey, wanna buy an education? Large stars go "threw" a supernova when they're large enough and late enough in their lives to be fusing iron, at which point nuclear fusion essentially stops dead. This makes the star explode, leaving a pretty little black hole (or neutron star) behind...
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    3DS or BMW?

    Reselling, so BMW. Of course, this is sort of like "Apples vs. Oranges: The Poll!" They're completely separate worlds, even if you'd be happier as a Nintendo employee (?)... Actually, I'd keep the BMW so I could actually have a car in a few years.
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    How Will The World End?

    Too bad that didn't rub off on you!! Zing. I tend to believe that 2010 is real, unless of course I'm insane and living flashbacks to the past or perceiving a future that isn't there. Of course, the world will really end when some idiot boils their cup noodles for 4 minutes instead of 3...
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    "in Soviet Russia" jokes

    Yes, since only a moron would get worked up about everybody not liking his thread.
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    How Will The World End?

    THE EARTH IS HONNNDREDS, AND HONNNDREDS, AND HONNDREDS OF YEAH OLD. Number FAIL! I firmly believe in the red giant theory, or else it will be Twilight fangirls. Either or.