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  • Hello! Yeah I decided to go the route I usually take and picked Chespin as my starter as there are not many Grass types I'd like to train this gen plus it gains Fighting which is my favourite type. Who did you pick?
    Has Skill Link iirc. Not like it has much to abuse it with though. Guts and Moxie are far superior. Wouldn't want to waste my Mega slot on that.
    Simple. You need a counter to Fire types and Fighting types. I like Slowbro, but Megahorn from Heracross wrecks it.

    IMO, build your team around a FWG core. They are just as effective now as they were in DPP, although who knows what XY will bring.
    At this point there's no sense filling up our PM boxes, so I'm taking this back to VM.

    You could do something like an ice Blaziken for that ice raptor line. As for stats maybe 75/110/75/115/80/55?
    That's what I like to do. Shameless parodying is fun.

    Not too fond of the pending title I have for this. Any suggestions?
    Fourth wall breaking is my middle name. (My full name is The Fourth wall breaking Imposter btw) At LEAST once a chapter.

    But yeah, I'll be waiting.
    Maybe I'll have the Bellsprout randomly speak en français on occasion. Who knows.

    I'd like to see some of the artwork. You seem to be a talented artist.
    Thanks. The working title is "The Adventures of Elder Li". Oh, and the Bellsprout speaks Shakespearean English.

    That region looks quite well thought out. I would like to see that detailed more.
    The fic's about Elder Li of Sprout Tower's quest to kill Gold after the boy took the life of his beloved Hoothoot. Together, he and his trusty Bellsprout conquer the gyms of Johto, making new friends, helping Team Rocket recover from the damage Gold caused them, and wrecking stuff with Bellsprout's overpowered Tackle attack. I'm weird.
    Not to forget the fact that the levels are so high in this game, jeez.

    I'm drafting a fanfic to satiate myself until tomorrow. Don't look at me like that, it's just your standard journey fic!
    Usually, my runs work like this:

    First one: Careful planning of teams to cover all bases, just to familiarize myself with the game.
    Second one: Using my favorites, strategizing to beat the bosses that I beat easily the first time.
    Third one: Nuzlocke.
    I tend to look at all the available Pokemon, and make my decision based on type, design, and projected stats. Hence why I have Doublade instead of Aegislash. I prefer its design, ability, and stats with Eviolite equipped.

    I'd like to see this comic. Should be pretty fun.
    Oh, I see. It kinda threw me off with the "Gen 1" style bit in your sig.

    I'm guessing those sprites are representing your X/Y team? I'm dumb, didn't see the "Planned Y team" part. -_-
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