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Gorgonopsid Master
Last Activity:
Dec 25, 2016
Apr 14, 2008
Likes Received:
Dundee, Scotland
only a few years till i get 1

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Gorgonopsid Master

Strong like bull, from Dundee, Scotland

Gorgonopsid Master was last seen:
Dec 25, 2016
    1. ThomBom(Pearl Fan)
    2. Gorgonopsid Master
      Gorgonopsid Master
      So you need either a good gible or my chomp? If its a gible just tell me the nature and what else you want it to have but It may take a while as I am currently breeding for the perfect sceptile. I dont need Dnite because I have one with a good moveset Eq/ThunderPunch/Roost/Dragon Claw I made it for the battle tower but the shiny Infernape sounds good. Do you have any other shiny starters? As I have a shiny marshtomp,treeko,bayleef and charizard.
    3. Blue Raja
      Blue Raja
      Re: looking for strong chomp


      Originally Posted by Blue Raja
      Originally Posted by Gorgonopsid Master
      Originally Posted by Blue Raja
      I will trade for you chomp.
      I have shineys legends all pokes except the banned ones. Rare items, trained pokes
      What do you want???
      the Generous Blue Raja

      Do you have an EV trained Electivire or Rhyperior with the movesets on the 4rth gen pokemon of the week?

      I have a PKTOPIA electivire male. Adamant. Pretty strong. I don't remember the exact iv's. But fully trained.
      CC / Tpunch / Ipunch / EQ

      I guess you didn't want that??

      I have Electivire t punch / F punch / sub / low kick

      I have Rhypereior
      Solid Rock
      EQ / Avalanche / Rock Wrecker / Megahorn

      outrage / stone edge / Dragon Dance / EQ

      Shiney Infernape
      (I hatched myself)
      shadow claw / flare blitz / close combat / uturn
      lvl 50
      hp 150
      Att 153
      def 77
      sp att 116
      sp def 90
      speed 163

      I need a worthy chomp- my breeding projects are not working- how about one of those???
      Check out the band Philia. They have a song called "Gyarados". You can listen to their song on this web site.
      FC John 1590 4658 7432

      Blue Raja
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    Dundee, Scotland
    only a few years till i get 1
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Family Guy