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  • Actually it's probably best to lay off the Wonder Trading for awhile, I heard there's a hacked egg going around and corrupting peoples games. Best to say on your toes.

    And they're cool! Hoopa kind of reminds me of the Imp looking creatures from Tales of Symphonia crossed with a Chao from Sonic the Hedgehog.
    yh XD Finished it the day after getting it. now im supertraining till the cows come home. and bloody hell I love wonder trade
    1864-9282-1406. I'll add you as soon as I finish my schoolwork and get my hands back on the the 3DS. :p
    Doing great! I actually just beat it about an hour ago. Was taking my time and trying to find everything, though I kind of regret it now since I ended up way over-levelled by the end. It was great though~
    I'm probably picking Froakie and Squirtle. The latter I plan to name "Tiny" after the Blastoise I still have on my blue version. Though I'll be keeping him in the PC until after I beat the game. I want to use as many new pokemon as possible in my first playthrough unless I see something that I absolutely must have.
    Also at minimum, we'll probably have to get the first gym badge before trading is allowed. Just as in B/W / B2/W2.
    Yeah he is, but it also depends on how much of a boost this new mega form is going to give him.
    And the fossil pokemon are cool. I might try using the T-rex, since his design is awesome and Rock-Dragon is a pretty cool typing. The Diplodocus has a cute design as well, but I'm kind of put off by that double 4x weakness. :(
    What do I think? Well, in terms of the mega evolutions, I'm pretty neutral on the second MegaMewtwo, but MegaGarchomp... Er. What did they do with his jaw? He must be the new Jay Leno of dragons with that big of a chin.
    Either way, I prefer the originals. As for the starter evos, I was stuck choosing between Chespin and Froakie when they were first unveiled, but after seeing their first stages, Chespin just went out the door.
    Currently I'm just going to a small community college to get my basics, since it's much cheaper than going to a big name university. But once that's over, I'm transferring to Boise State and hoping to get into Graphic Design. And I don't have a minor planned.
    oh! i have no idea how i miss-read that lol and i've been ok, been working on an animation, done a few comics and have been making money which is always a good thing
    Good enough, I just started college again. Can't say I'm happy about it, but I gotta do what I gotta do if I want to have a good job in the future. I'm also currently working like hell on those clocks you may have probably seen popping up all over the forums, as well as playing through Crystal version with my younger brother in our free time. :)
    Hey~ We haven't spoke in a while. I've been so busy with clocks I haven't had the time to slow down and say 'hi'.
    So how has everything been going? :)
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