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  • Not much... This probably the only way we can start a conversation by asking random questions.
    Never mind. I'm stupid. I read a few posts down. The edit button isn't working, though. Just ignore that bit, okay? *facepalm*
    I hadn't heard from you for a while, so I thought I'd say high.
    So, high! :D
    Dang. We may be in different time zones. It's now about 9:30pm here. You?
    And anything intersting happen lately?
    Seriously? It's that big? Geez. That's rediculous! By the way, you're a fifteen year old girl, right? I'm a guy, same age, and I have a question. What's a good way to figure out what a girl actually means when she says something without being hit in the head with a textbook?
    Cool. Same time zone as me. And is that New York City? Is it really as big and bustling as everyone says? I've never been.
    The feeling is mutual. By the way, where are you time-zone wise? Just helps avoid confusion with 3:00 am posts. I'm in Ontario, Canada, and it's... hang on a sec, my clock is fourteen minutes fast so I actually get up in the morning... 8:54am. Ish.
    I hear about it for writing as well. It's nice to meet someon who seems to love writing as much as I do. :) I may be called for breakfast soon, so sorry if I leave suddenly.
    Wait... just read the 'about me.' You like to write? That's magnificent! No one but me ever likes to write!
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