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  • alrighty still want love ball mareanie,love ball eevee ha and heavy ball rockruff please i will try to breed as soon as I can for them busy atm plus about to go eat lunch...
    is your offers in the thread? I can just check the thread to see if what you have that I might want unless you didn't list it yet XD

    I only see two I don't have in your list

    love ball mareanie
    love ball eevee ha

    not sure if you got anymore that not listed in the thread if you don't I can take those two for two of what you listed in my profile which can't provide the third until I get something I need...
    Looks like you still need to add my code (at least, last I checked) and then we'll be ready to go. Today's kind of a busy day for me but I'll see if I can catch you online.
    Hello, I have all 10 pokemon bred for you and I added your code. Let me know when you're ready to trade!
    oh. Umm... I managed to get the minior I was looking for off the GTS, but if you're interested in something I have I'll take a moon honedge instead, if that's okay. Sorry for the trouble.

    Edit: by the way, serebii's page on minior has all the color possibilities, if you're not sure where yours lies, for future reference. Myself, I normally add "light" to the one they call blue when I'm specifying, though, to be extra clear, and I call the one they call red pink. However you choose to call them, though, it would probably be good for you to put the color down on your listing, as since form is passed down via the mother or non-ditto parent, and ditto will never pass down its ball and minior can only breed with ditto since it's genderless, someone wanting a specific color in a specific ball will need to have both those attributes in the same pokemon, and can't arrange to combine those attributes through breeding.
    Hi. What color core is your minior in moon ball? I've managed to find orange and light blue in moonball but I'd like to get an indigo one in moon ball. All my current special ball offerings are in the same thread you posted in, if you want to look them over.
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