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Recent content by GovAsh

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    A silver lineing to a dark cloud

    It was a beautiful day in the Forrest...Ash and his friends had just gotten done getting his 4th badge and he was feeling great, well spirit wise...not so well sick wise...but he wasn't about to let his friends know that. "Ash are you sure you're OK? you really don't look so good" Iris...
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    I return :D

    It's been at least 2008 since i've been here last, my how time fly's. Right now working on over 17 fan-fictions, some poetry and wrote a 50 page novel. Cilan/Ash is my favorite shipping. :D
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    CafeMochaShipping~ Satoshi x Dento~ Version 2

    I love this shipping :D I am writing a fan-fiction on it :)