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  • just pm/vm ampy, the 5th post below from this post saying u wanted to join the clan and the same time if his available he might test u which rank to put u in at that time.
    Hey, saw you were looking for battles in the battle forum... you still up for it? If yes, just give me a PM
    yea, what a said at the bottom and that its more organize. and ur name and ur clans name will be known in serebii if u win the war. but main reason is to help each other out ofcourse.
    i actually use mix tiers aswell, and the team i used ealier, some of them is just a subtitute cause i had to do a rematch with sum1 i battle last week for the clan wars. so i dont want him to easy counter my pokes that he seen that day
    oic, its koo men, just let me know if i can help you out with anythin. by the way once its official that ur in the clan, im the clans breeder. so i can breed any pokes you want. natures,egg moves, etc...
    so how bout it, if u join u can learn more in this group. the guy whos running is great battler. his screen name is ampy just pm or vm him or just go to the clans page.
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