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Recent content by GR81

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    Poll: Milotic or Vaporeon

    Definitely Vaporeon. It's movepool is amazing.
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    Original God of Pokemon?

    Gen 1 Mewtwo is the real God of Pokemon.
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    Moves that Pokemon SHOULD be able to learn, but can't...

    Regigigas should get Protect. It would waste a slow start turn and make it more than just an annoying para-fusion pokemon. Aerodactyl should get Brave Bird and Head Smash as well. Both powerful STAB moves and with Rock Head wouldn't even take recoil damage. I would have also liked to see...
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    The Worst Pokemon Ever (Besides Magikarp)

    Probably Caterpie and Slakoth. At least Weedle can poison and Bidoof has good abilities.
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    Anyone else hate the obsession with shiny pokemon?

    I don't know if I hate the obsession people have with shinies though I will say though that most shinies are pretty ugly.
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    What pokemon should evolve?

    Definitely Absol. I also think Jynx needs and evolution.
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    Moves that Pokemon SHOULD be able to learn, but can't...

    Sorry if this has been repeated already but I think Brave Bird and Head Smash would be nice additions to Aerodactyl's movepool. Gyarados should also get Roost since RestTalk is pretty unreliable. Weavile should get Sucker Punch. I'd like to see Palkia get Nasty Plot or Calm Mind. All the...
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    Seriously? Waste of time...

    It all comes down to how well you do on the wheel. A well built/constructed team should be able to make a deep run at the very least. The 100th battle was disappointingly easy, though, but that might be because I had 6 full health ubers. I'm thinking I should try it again with my standard team.
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    How about them pre-battle screens on WiFi?

    I like it. You can get an idea of what you're up against right away and could gameplan accordingly.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Why do fighting and bug both resist each other?
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    Your Top Ten Favorite/Least Favorite Pokémon

    No particular order, Just listing them as they come to mind. Favourites 1. Blastoise 2. Palkia 3. Mewtwo 4. Vaporeon 5. Kyogre 6. Scizor 7. Metagross 8. Typhlosion 9. Lugia 10. Gardevoir Least favourites 1. Charizard 2. Breloom 3. Wobbuffet 4. Wynaut 5. Jirachi 6. Celebi 7. Torterra 8...
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    Why are you personally still playing/using D/P/Pt?

    I've actually found EV training to be easier in HG/SS though DPP is pretty easy to EV train in as well. Route 1 (the route right about Pallet Town I believe) has Pidgey, Rattata, Furret (Speed) and Sentret (Attack), at night route 29 has 85% Hoothoot (HP) and the Sprout Tower has 85% Gastly...
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    A New Metagame...

    I'm not objecting to Rotom forms being in OU. I just don't think they should make up 10% of the tier. Also with some pokes going straight from UU to OU (Umbreon, Roserade) and others going from UU to BL (Froslass, Raikou) I just think moving all the pokes that are deemed too powerful for UU to...
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    A New Metagame...

    You can switch out and lose the accuracy drop but you may not have a safe switch and may have to take SR/Spikes damage upon switching in again. To me moves like Sand Attack are just as cheap as holding Brightpowder which actually IS banned thanks to No Hax Items clause.
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    A New Metagame...

    1. Were you content with the Council's judgement on Salamence? Why or why not? Not really. I can understand their reasoning to an extent but if Outrage on Mence is too overpowering then why was it only banned now and not a year and a half after first getting access to Outrage. If this was such...