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Graham Aker
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Sep 4, 2017
Aug 28, 2010
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Graham Aker

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Graham Aker was last seen:
Sep 4, 2017
    1. Janovy
      Hey, I think I already followed you, but could you link me to your blog again? xD
    2. pokesrini
      Well..all I know is the hints in the episode were objective, and not subjective.
    3. pokesrini
      Interesting scene. I heard that these can actually be called hints, and aren't just "writers' hints" as we called the smaller and more subjective ones.
    4. pokesrini
      Hah..what a coincidence. I looked up that same Tumblr just now. Yeah..there was some. in fact, I hear there was a bit more. Ash showed quite a bit of concern towards Serena- concern in terms of her goal and stuff. It isn't clear yet. I guess we have to wait till we get a proper translation from someone or wait until we get to watch the episode ourselves.
    5. pokesrini
      Not sure. I think you know by now that the thread was taken down. So most sources of information are gone.
    6. Janovy
      The writers really did it this time haha
    7. Navin
      It's pretty funny how the Amour nest calls you the local pessimist kek. I remember how I was that half a year ago when I actually bothered posting there regularly.
    8. Kuvario
      Agreed, I won't mind if it doesn't happen and if it does, then that's cool I suppose.
    9. Kuvario
      Same here, but I still bet that when XY ends and the shipping isn't canon, they'll riot and wish they were more realistic. XD
    10. Lord Trollbias
      Lord Trollbias
      Gotcha. Just hoping the others don't get their hopes too up because they could end up being severely disappointed come the end of XY.
    11. Kuvario
      Lol, if I had a penny for every time you or me got called pessimistic in the shipping threads, I'd be rich. Anyway sorry to hear about all those people complaining, they're just too stuck in their fantasy land to understand realism is required.
    12. Lord Trollbias
      Lord Trollbias
      Its annoying that you always get labeled as pessimistic on the Shipping threads. IMO you're the most realistic there and the others just let themselves get caught up in their optimism and idealism
    13. Obscurites
      Sorry for the late reply.

      Serena said that that Luxio might be the same Kolink Citron met, since Luxio is the evolved form of Kolink. Eureka was surprised. Then Serena blushed and said she only assumed about such case.
    14. LucarioTheSuperSaiyajin
      It's more about ther interactions

      Ta 16-wa, 28-wa, 37-wa demo sasayaka de wa aru ga SatoSere no yaritori wo miru koto ga dekiru
      You can see SatoSere interactions in eps. 16, 28 and 37.

      It's mopre about their dynamics. Note they talked about their most "conflicting" episodes (16 she called Satoshi glutton, 28 she slapped him on the hand and ep 37 was all about the mirror world. Japs are getting the idea she would be a type-B [Dere Dere] tsundere with him [remember: Kasumi was type-A [Tsun Tsun]) So, i suppose those fans are expecting their first "bickering like an old married couple"
    15. LucarioTheSuperSaiyajin
      That as because Eureka was disbelieving about luxio's return. Te 2nd one was about finally Luxio and Citron reuniting (nothing to do with geekchic).
    16. LucarioTheSuperSaiyajin
      It as cuz Eureka's comment about that. In /vp/ they're still insistent with Serena blushing cuz of Citron and she would make NTR on Satoshi (hell, even they called us Emofags).

      It was everything about Eureka's coments of Luxio and Citron (and the 2nd one was cuz of Luxio being captured). Nothing more than that.
    17. LucarioTheSuperSaiyajin
      There's a very rough translation (if you don't mind, i'm gonna put this on amour thread, so the japs ones could translate it better).

      SatoSere nara Fujita-san, Omode-San, Tomioka-san'tte kanji
      What are Fujita San, Omode-San and Fujita-San about SatoSere?

      Nani ka wo kousatsu shiyou to shita kedo, Tomioka-san no SatoSere ga suki datte sai kakunin shita dakedatta
      Something to consider, but this only reconfirms Tomioka-san likes SatoSere.

      何にも考えてないのは危なっかしいのかな…そこに恋をしてる故によく観察してる()セレナちゃんとかそうい うあれかな…サトセレなのかな…
      Nani ni mo kangaetenai no wa abunakkashii no ka na… soko ni koi o shi teru yue ni yoku kansatsu shi teru ( ) Serena-chan to ka sou iu are ka na... SatoSere na no ka na...
      Is it unsteady to think about nothing?, you observed well because there's something in love ( ) if you're right 'bout Serena-chan... that's SatoSere.

      Sorry about the crappy google translate adaptation. If you don't mind, can I take the jap. text and put it on the amour thread??, so Dephender or AshSerena (the japs ones) could translate it better. And please share the link when you saw the posts about the "amour subplot creators" (Tomioka, Fujita and Omode).
    18. Navin
      I'm surprised I haven't gotten banned yet considering the number of times I joke/troll/snark my way through posts. Guess each warning expires just as new ones come.
    19. Janovy
      Why can't Tomioka write every episode? LOL

      Even Amour was great. Ash and Serena actually interacted instead of Serena blushing from the side.
    20. LucarioTheSuperSaiyajin
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